Just like podcasts, I will admit I was pretty late to the Goodreads game.  My mom had mention the website a few times in passing whenever she talked about her book club. It never struck me as something I would be interested in. So instead, over the last few years I have kept a running list of Books To Read in my evergrowing Evernote lists. Lets just say this became tricky to track and I have no doubt that some books were listed twice or even three times accidentally. I would also attempt to keep track of books I’d read by highlighting them. This was definitely not a perfect system.

On a whim, I decided to check out what Goodreads was all about, and now I am absolutely hooked. One of my goals for myself this year is to read more. I loved to read in college, and it was pretty much a necessity for an English Literature and Political Science major. Also, turning off my phone and reading before I fall asleep has made a huge difference in how well I sleep.

This app is exactly what I never knew I needed. I love that I can keep track of all the books I want to read, as well as pace how many books I read overtime, all in one place. It is nice to be able to look back on all the books I have read and to provide my own reviews. I also set a reading goal for 2016… read 25 books this year! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it will definitely be a challenge for me. In some ways Goodreads has reinvigorated my love of reading. I like the challenge and the ability to track status on different books. The best part? I can see what my friends are reading and add them to my lists.

Check out what books I’ve read and am currently reading here.

Do you have a Goodreads account? What books are on your list?


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