How to Make Your Apartment a Home

I’ve been living in my studio for a little over 5 months and it is finally coming together! I know, I know, I’ve said that before, but this time I really mean it! Back in December (before the holidays!) my family came to the city, bringing with them all the big furniture I’ve been acquiring over the last few months. They hung up my curtains and artwork and any other random “handy man” help I needed. These little tweaks have truly made a world of difference in my space and I am so excited with how it is all coming together. Now my apartment feels less like a dorm room and more like a home. One thing I’ve learned from these changes is that it really doesn’t take much to make your space feel more homey.


My home improvement elves helping me make my apartment into a home!

Curtains, curtains, curtains

This was the true game changer for my space. Once my dad hung up my navy curtains, it actually felt like a home. Adding a pop of blue to the walls brought the room together in a way I had not anticipated. Plus, they are the blackout kind of curtains so I am guaranteed a good nights sleep without street lights invading my apartment.

Display your art

Such a simple task, but makes a very big difference. I asked my parents to bring a piece of work that my godmother made me and has been hanging in my childhood room for the last 20+ years. Since I have two large windows, I decided to hang the piece right in between and it looks absolutely beautiful. It is one of the first things I see when I walk in the door, and I love it.

Show off your reading list

Books are a great way to add color and style to a space without breaking the bank. I have hundreds of books in my personal collection and I love displaying what I’m currently reading. Although I’ll admit, I am constantly rearranging my books, still attempting to master “bookshelf styling”. Every few days I rearrange my favorite knick knacks amongst the latest stack of books I’m reading which is a simple way to freshen up my space.

Nails over hooks

In college, I used command hooks to hang everything from towels to picture frames. Now, I am starting to realize the visual impact that a large white command hook has vs. a nail. I like how streamlined my walls looks with less bulky command hooks. Another simple switch that makes me feels less like I am in college.

Out with the old

Okay now before you think I mean buy a $500 couch and $400 bookshelf, stop yourself. I brought TONS of things from my parents house and items I used in my college dorm rooms to my apartment. However, I quickly realized some had seen their better day. I had a green butterfly chair for 5+ years and lets just say it was starting to fall apart. Moving to my studio put me in the position of balancing between old and new, constantly asking myself what’s worth the investment and what’s not. I knew that I needed a new couch and did tons of research before landing on my beloved brown faux leather loveseat.

Add a little green

I’ve mentioned this before, back when I lived in a very dark (basically basement apartment!), plants make a HUGE difference. I absolutely love having plants in my apartment and just bought a few more to include in my space. I have a floor plant a few smaller floral plants and am on the hunt for a couple more smaller options. Arranging them in my bookshelf, my bathroom, and even on the little side table when I first walk in the door adds the perfect amount of color.

Bring pieces of home

I asked my parents to bring quite a few things from their home to me. Although this is my first apartment on my own and I am starting fresh in many ways, I did want a few favorite pieces from home. This includes my godmother’s artwork, my classic Nancy Drew books from my childhood, and a watercolor skyline I made in elementary school. While “spring cleaning” my parent’s house over the holidays I came across tons of hidden gems that I completely forgot about. These touches from my past make my apartment feel more like a home, one filled with memories.

If there is one thing I have learned throughout this process is that it takes time to make a house a home. For someone who likes immediate results and quick changes, this has been a good test of my patience. That being said, I’ve learned that I am capable of many of those “handy man” tasks that I used to shy away from. I just hung up two different things on my own, and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards was awesome. Although there are many things I still want to do to my apartment (my dress rack is almost falling over and many of my clothes are still in plastic bins) it is slowly but surely getting there. I cannot wait to do an apartment reveal in the coming months to show off the place I now call home!

What are ways you have found to make your house a home? Anything I missed?


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