What I’m Watching: Making a Murderer

Okay, I’ll admit it. I spent the entire Jonas Blizzard in my apartment drinking coffee, baking cookies, and binge watching Making a Murderer. It was an absolutely perfect weekend. As you may have noticed from my previous posts (here, here, here, & here) there is always a new TV show to check out. I love winter days curled up in bed with my laptop and a hot cup of coffee, while the snow falls outside. The plan this snow storm was simple, relax. Mission accomplished. I started watching this ten part documentary after constantly reading about it in the news and hearing rave reviews from friends.


I’ll admit, it takes an episode or two to fully get immersed in the case and all the background information. But I promise that once you hear all the different sides of the story, it is absolutely addicting. The documentary follows the story of Steven Avery a Wisconsin man who in 1985 was accused and imprisoned for the sexual assault and attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen. And that is only the beginning, but I won’t give anything away! All I can say is, it is definitely worth a Netflix binge.

While watching Making a Murderer I couldn’t help but find the timing interesting. I almost served as a juror on a criminal murder trial this past week! I was excused by the judge and only ended up being in the courthouse for one day. As I watched this documentary, I kept wondering what it must have been like for the jury serving on Steven Avery’s case. His fate was in their hands, a truly life changing decision. I’ll admit that in the weeks leading up to my obligatory civic duty, I scoffed at the idea of having to serve on a jury. All I could think about is how much time I could possibly be away from work. But while watching this documentary and thinking about the case I could have been a juror on, I was repeatedly reminded of the important role a jury plays in our legal system. I was almost in a similar position, deciding someone else’s fate.

All in all, I can say without a doubt that this documentary is definitely worth the hype!


4 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: Making a Murderer

  1. Honestly, the idea of being a juror intimidates me so much! just thinking about all of our biases and the imperfect understanding of different sides of a case… it would be so easy to make a wrong judgment and wrongfully impact someone’s life! it’s a lot of responsibility. Maybe you dodged a bullet getting excused πŸ˜‰


  2. I feel the same way about Making a Murderer as I did about Serial- Did he do it? I don’t know. Should he have been convicted? Absolutely not. So many flaws in the system.
    Watching Making a Murderer made me think about being a juror- I would be so nervous, it is such an important job!

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    • I completely agree Erin! What scares me the most is all the flaws in the system. While I was sitting in the jury box, I could not stop my leg from shaking I was so nervous. It’s such a huge responsibility and I don’t think I was prepared to make a decision that could so radically impact someone’s life.

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