101 in 1001 Update

I realized the other day that somehow I haven’t done a 101 in 1001 update since April! Slowly but surely I am crossing things off my list. I definitely have a ways to go, but every little bit counts!

18. See 3 concerts

This isn’t complete yet, but I did see Florida Georgia Line in July! I have the entire Anything Goes album on my iPhone and I listen to it on repeat daily. It was a great weekend with friends, and the perfect way to embrace my love of country music this summer. I definitely need to find a few more concerts to go to before this 101 in 1001 deadline is up!


19. Visit 5 museums

Technically I haven’t fully crossed this one off the list, I tend to go to the same museums (The Met is hands down my favorite!). That being said, I did check out The Whitney Museum of American Art with my friend Tara a few weekends ago. It was very cool and filled with tons interesting art, including the above sculpture by Jared Madere! I will definitely have to go back when it is a little warmer to see  more of the outdoor sections on the museum’s balconies.

47. See a broadway show

I already crossed this one off the list, but I saw another broadway show in August, An American in Paris. I probably should update my list to see at least 3 broadway shows! I truly cannot recommend An American in Paris enough, it was INCREDIBLE!


55. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

This is one thing on my list I actually forgot about until after I completed it! The same weekend I went to The Whitney with Tara, we also walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We also spent some time in Brooklyn Bridge Park checking out all the funky sculptures. It was truly the perfect fall day!

70. Become a regular at my favorite coffee place

I typically go to my favorite cafe at least once a weekend (usually two or three), and the baristas definitely recognize me. I have my routine down and although they don’t know exactly what I will order (I tend to change it up based on the specials & the seasons!) I’m pretty sure I have made regular status. I also am without a doubt a regular at my morning breakfast cart by my office. He knows that I go with a banana walnut muffin and an iced coffee most days!

So I know five checked off the list isn’t much, but it is progress! I think next I will focus on #67, by getting tickets to the NYC Ballet! I also started to notice that I cross more things off my list when out of town friends come to visit. They tend to want to see the touristy sights, and so many of my goals on this list is to see them! I need to start planning more excursions and focusing on my other hobbies listed to see if I can tackle most of this list by February 2017!


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