1 year at Estée

Exactly one week ago marked a HUGE milestone for me, I have officially been in the working world for one year. I decided to hold off on writing this post until after I successfully made it through my one year (didn’t want to jinx anything 😉!). It is absolutely crazy to reflect on how much has changed since last year. Since last September, I have been working in the digital marketing space for the Estée Lauder brand, basically my dream job! I still cannot believe how quickly time has passed. In a strange way it feels like this year went by in a moment, but at the same time being a college student seems long gone. It feels like two different worlds and I am slowly becoming the person that I thought I may have the potential to become if I worked hard enough.


Looking back on this past year, I have learned so much and answered so many of those questions that were haunting me as I frantically searched for a job last summer. Landing this position was a huge blessing in my life, and I am so thankful to my manager for taking a chance on me. I still remember that phone call (less than 24 hours after my interview!) that they were extending me the job offer. It is a moment that rivals receiving my acceptance letter to Bucknell. Calling my parents and texting all my friends, I felt so excited, overwhelmed, nervous, but ready for the start of this adventure. Now a year later, I can tell you it has certainly been an adventure. I have learned so much about the digital space and the beauty industry. I have touched on the different lessons I have learned along the way in the working world from the Do’s & Don’ts on your first day to the 5 Lessons of an Assistant. Every day I am learning more about the industry, and the potential paths I could take in this field.

Although one year is only well… one year, it is still amazing to see how much has changed in this time. I slowly made the transition from lost newbie to skilled assistant. This is only the beginning of my career, but I truly cannot wait to see what’s to come!

* I work for The Estée Lauder Companies however all thoughts and opinions are my own *


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