First Apartment Must Haves…That You Didn’t Think Of

I’ve been living in my studio apartment for about a month now and it is slowly starting to come together. Most of the bags and boxes are put away, but it is definitely no where near ready to show (I promise to post a full home tour soon!) I still need to order a couch, a desk, and a few other random things. When I first moved in I thought I had everything covered, but quickly I realized I was missing many things I hadn’t even considered. So I thought I would round up my list of random things I wished I packed!



Although I am sure my apartment water is safe (well at least I hope so!), I think a Brita is a worthwhile purchase. It is nice to always have fresh water and I bought one that is on the smaller side which is perfect for one person!

Wine Bottle Toppers

Okay so I love a glass of wine, especially after a long day. Pairing it with a little cheese and crackers is perfection. But I usually don’t finish a bottle right away, so wine bottle toppers are essential. Plus, there are SO many cute options out there!

Can Opener

This is one of those kitchen items I completely forgot about! Luckily my mom is the best and packed one for me. I am constantly trying new recipes and a can opener is key.

Oven Mit

I brought pots and pans, but completely forgot about an oven mit. Personally I don’t love those massive oven mits that cover your hold hand/arm, and instead prefer smaller square ones that are easier to lift trays with. Now that the seasons are changing I know that I am going to be baking more and will be in need of a great oven mit.


I am slowly starting to realize why my parents always had coasters out when people came over to our house for parties. I don’t want drink condensation to mark up my furniture, and I am currently on the look out for fun coasters!


Since I don’t have a dishwasher (an apartment luxury!), I rely on my trusty kitchen sponges and liquid dish soap. Buy a huge pack of sponges that will last you months of washing dishes!

Vegetable Peeler

Another random kitchen tool, but it comes in handy more times than you would think!

Utensil Organizer

Arguably the most random thing I need right now. Currently all my utensils are stuffed in a drawer in a huge pile, making it a process just to find a spoon for cereal in the morning.

Aluminum Foil

For cooking chicken nuggets or wrapping leftover pizza, this is a kitchen essential that you will find more and more uses for over time!


You always think about bath towels and hand towels, but not dishtowels. I hand dry all my dishes, making these towels essential on a daily basis. They are also a great way to add a pop of color to your kitchen.

Duct Tape

An essential, always. Duct Tape is one of those things that you should always have on hand, it can fix EVERYTHING!

Chip Clips

Okay super random I know, but I go through chips and salsa crazy fast. I always opt for salty over sweet…but that means I constantly have open bags of chips. I’ve started to use binder clips, but want to find some cute clips to keep my favorite snack from going stale.

Flashlight and Batteries

Just in case of a Zombie Apocalypse or World War Z situation, its good to have a flashlight and batteries on hand.

What are those random apartment items you didn’t think of before moving in? Anything I missed?


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