7 Unexpected Expenses in Adulthood

Graduating college and moving back home, I had some ideas of what costs lay ahead once I landed my first job. Initially, while living with my parents I didn’t have to worry about room and board (which I am incredibly grateful for!). However, I knew that once I landed a job, I would eventually move out, sooner vs. later depending on where it was located. I figured my paycheck would go towards rent, utilities, and groceries, but I’ve quickly learned that there are many other expenses in adulthood.

1. Wedding & Baby Shower Gifts

This is by far one of the biggest and most unexpected expenses in my bank account. From family and friends to work colleagues, I have purchased several wedding and baby shower gifts in the last year. Depending on your relationship to the person, the price point you want to spend definitely ranges. Since I work full time and live on my own, I know that I should send my own gifts rather than adding my name to my parents’ card. Nevertheless, those registries are pricey!

2. Cleaning supplies

In college, there was a cleaning staff who handled the shared hall bathroom. When I live in an on campus apartment my roommates and I had a few cleaning supplies, but it was a small space and we all contributed so the fee wasn’t noticeable. Now that I have my own space, I am much more aware of what needs to be cleaned and how often. I had to account for a vacuum cleaner, Swiffer, Clorox wipes, and the like when I first moved in.

3. Furniture

Moving into my college dorm room each year, there was already a desk, bed, and dresser waiting for me. My studio apartment came completely unfurnished. I had to buy a bed frame, box spring, and scour my parent’s house for leftover furniture they no longer used. One thing I never realized before moving out is how expensive furniture can be! Even a boring and uncomfortable sofa will run you up a couple hundred bucks!

4. Transportation

Although I don’t keep my car in Manhattan, the subway adds up quickly! A cab is a luxury that I take sparingly (usually just when I have lots of bags coming home from Penn Station!)  Transportation is something I never gave much thought before moving, but has become a regular expense in my life.

5. Meals in the city

Going out to eat with friends is the fastest thing that eats up my paycheck. Restaurants in Manhattan can be REALLY expensive so I try to do it sparingly. Also, whenever I go out to eat, I always order something that I cannot make myself. I would always rather spend my money on things I know I can’t throw together for a lesser price, and that also makes it more of an indulgence!

6. Housewarming gifts 

Now that my friends are moving to different cities and new apartments, I’ve had to get a few housewarming gifts! From bottles of wine to a nice candle, these gifts can add up and are ones I never even considered before. However, I always want to bring a small gift to congratulate my friends on their new homes!

7. Decor 

Although this is not a necessity but rather a want, home decor can get pretty pricey. I have my eye on a Gray Malin piece, but right now I cannot justify the cost. I am on the hunt for great pieces of art that I love, but that won’t destroy my bank account. I want to take my time and really mull over a purchase of something that I will see everyday in my apartment.

Although being an “adult” (whatever that means!) has some major perks, these were definitely price tags I didn’t see coming! To my fellow post grads what other expenses surprised you in the real world?


2 thoughts on “7 Unexpected Expenses in Adulthood

  1. Wedding/baby shower/housewarming gifts are a KILLER- especially if you are in a wedding party, on top of everything else you have to pay for. I honestly think that other than a handful of friends, I’m just going to have to politely decline attending these events and send a gift in the price range I can afford. It has also brought me to the realisation that I want no showers or housewarming parties haha!

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    • RIGHT?! Those gifts add up SO quickly! I agree with you on being in the wedding party, that’s even more expensive! One benefit though is that I think since I am relatively new to the work force it is okay if I spend a little less on those gifts. I will definitely reconsider having those parties too hah :)!


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