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I’ve written on the topic of Greek Life a few times before (see here, here, & here) but realized that there are SO many aspects I have hardly even mentioned on the blog. I hope my posts about Greek Life help to shed some light on the amazing benefits of joining a Greek organization and how positive the experience was in my own life (both collegiate and post collegiate!). Since my lovely sorority little Melissa recently moved to New York City (she’s going to Columbia, nbd!) we have been spending a ton of time together. It is amazing to have one of my closest friends only a neighborhood away! I also realized that even though she is my little (and a memorable part of my Bucknell experience!), somehow I never really discussed Bigs & Littles before!

big and little sororityOne of the most incredible aspects of joining a sorority is gaining a Big and Little sorority sister. I do not have any sisters, so I was really excited to join Delta Gamma to experience sisterhood. Although you gain tons of sisters after the recruitment process, you only have one Big and one Little (sometimes twin bigs or twin littles depending on pledge class sizes).

To give you a breakdown in Greek Life “Families” at my school there were 3 generations, G-Big, Big, and Little. The “oldest” generation was the Senior Year Sorority girl who was graduating at the end of the year and in Delta Gamma we called them G-Big or Delta Grandma. The Junior Year sorority girl was the Big, and the new Sophomore sorority girl was the Little. You can see a picture below of part of my Delta Gamma Sorority Family tree. On the far ends are my two bigs, Chrissy & Rachel, and my little Melissa and I are in the middle!

This photo was taken at Big/Little Revelations! My big Chrissy made these shirts for all of us to wear, GBigs, Big & Little!

Your Big is typically a sister who is one (sometimes two!) year older than you. The process varies by sorority but essentially you pick the older sisters you think would be a great fit for you as your Big, and the Bigs pick Littles the same way. Luckily, we had several weeks after joining Delta Gamma to get to know all the upperclassmen which made it easy to find those girls you just clicked with. After only a few weeks of being a Delta Gamma member I discovered that I had two Bigs! It was such a fun week leading up to the reveal, filled with presents, and lots of surprises. I knew that once I was a Big, I would shower my Little with love!

Melissa and I actually met my sophomore (her freshman) year at Bucknell when we were in the same International Politics class. Our professor held a very strong resemblance to Ferris Bueller’s teacher… “Bueller, Bueller?” We wound up sitting right next to each other the first day and bonded over the constant monotone lectures, with a few dry jokes thrown in every now and again. I knew when Melissa joined Delta Gamma that I had to have her as my little. And as luck would have it, we both picked one another to be big/little. It was a match made in heaven. Melissa is not only my little, but she is also one of my best friends.

I am so thankful to Delta Gamma for a variety of reasons, but gaining Bigs and a Little were hands down the highlight of those three collegiate years. It is crazy to think that now only one year out of college I am a Great Great Great Grand Big.

God I’m old.

But in all honesty, it was so incredible to have this family in Delta Gamma, it made up a support system within the sorority. Although you gain HUNDREDS of sisters when you join, there is nothing quite like the bond between a Big & Little. I am absolutely ecstatic to have my little Melissa living nearby and I cannot wait to see what adventures we get into in Manhattan.

Basically, my little is my soulmate.


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  1. I’m really close with my sorority little too. We actually went to high school together but didn’t really know each other until her Bid Day. We lived together my senior year and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding last December. You’re right, there just is something so special about that big/little bond!

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