An American in Paris


Last Friday night I took a trip to Paris…well to the Palace Theatre in Times Square! Bucknell had an alumni opportunity for discounted tickets to see An American In Paris. My sorority little Melissa and my friends Toni and Dana decided to jump at the opportunity. Since it has always been a dream of mine to visit Paris, this Broadway show sounded right up my alley. Interestingly the week before our showtime, a work colleague was raving about the show at my office. She had seen it with her son and his fiance and could not help but gush about the amazing performance. This set the bar pretty high and made me even MORE excited for the show.

And let me tell you…it did NOT disappoint!

To give you a little synopsis…

Jerry Mulligan is an American ex-GI who stays in post-war Paris to become a painter, and falls for the gamine charms of Lise Bouvier. However, his paintings come to the attention of Milo Roberts, a rich American heiress, who is interested in more than just art.


It is a show filled to the brim with art, dance, and the beauty of Paris. From the music to the dancing, the cast was incredibly talented. The costumes were beautiful, and made me wish we all still dressed like the women in the 1940s. My favorite part, however, was hands down the ballet numbers. Interestingly, this show was directed and choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon, one of the world’s most celebrated ballet choreographers but one with no experience directing musicals. The show also stars Robert Fairchild, a star at The New York City Ballet with no experience appearing in musicals. Somehow, Wheeldon expertly weaved the ballet and the story line together seamlessly for a truly beautiful viewer experience. It made me wish that I stuck with ballet as a child. Although I tried it when I was much younger, I quickly stopped after getting VERY frustrated with the leotards. I truly wish I had stuck with dance and more specifically ballet at a younger age, because watching those ballerinas was breathtaking.

I truly cannot recommend An American in Paris enough! If you are heading to the Big Apple soon and deciding on a Broadway show, this is the one to see!


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