Thoughtful Thursday – Strength


Yesterday, my morning started off like any other day at the office, but the energy quickly shifted. A work colleague sat our entire team down and told us about a struggle she been dealing with throughout the summer. An important person in her life is undergoing a serious medical diagnosis and the next few months will be incredibly difficult.

We were all completely stunned.

This is someone that I constantly call to ask questions or just for some advice. And she always without fail, lends a hand and helps me (and our team!) out. She is patient, organized, selfless, and a genuinely nice person. I think what shocked me the most (besides the truly upsetting circumstances of this diagnosis) is that this has been happening in her life for months, and none of us had a clue. It reminded me of the quote that I think we all know by now, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” While I truly love this quote and use it as a helpful reminder for myself, the one I picked today I think highlights this idea even further.

When I stop to really think about some of the kindest people I have known, they are often the ones fighting the hardest battles. They are the ones who give selflessly to their friends and family. The ones who never ask for anything in return. They are also the ones who are often fighting a battle you may never know even exists in their lives. I admire this strength, a strength that may go undetected by others, but that is never lacking.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my own problems, both big and small, that I lose perspective. This conversation as a team reminded me to count my blessings but to also be there for some of the strongest people I know. They are the ones who will never ask for help, but are the ones who likely need support the most. I know that our colleague will win this battle, but in the meantime we will be there for her. Sending meals, writing thoughtful emails, and just reaching out if she wants to chat, our team is ready to be there for her in any way that she needs!

I hope that this Thoughtful Thursday quote inspires you to reach out to your loved ones. Sometimes the problem with being strong is that no one knows you need a hand. So reach out to the people you care about and remind them that you are always there for them, for all things, both big and small!


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