No cash? No problem!

Since moving to Manhattan, I have found myself going to more happy hours and dinners out with friends than ever before. To make splitting the check easier, I always plan ahead to stop at an ATM beforehand. I know that there are always multiple people and splitting the bill can be a pain unless someone (aka me!) brings lots of smaller bills. It has become pretty inconvenient to keep having to go to ATMs to withdraw enough cash.

This is where Square Cash comes in! Square Cash is an amazing app that has quickly become as useful as my Instagram & Twitter apps on my iPhone. Square Cash allows you to send money to friends, family, or a business in an instant. It deposits directly into your bank account, making it the fastest way to share money between friends. The app is really easy to navigate and convenient to use. I got the opportunity to try the app (which is free!) and so far I am hooked!

Instead of worrying about having exact change or small bills, I can instantly send friends the money I owe with the touch of a button. Since Square Cash is connected directly to your bank account, the money is instantly transferred without a middle man. You have the option to either send money or request payment from friends (just in case they forget!). There is also a page in the app to track your history and check all your bank and account information. You can also add a profile photo, phone number, and even create a “$Cashtag,” which is a sort of screen name so friends can find you in the database.

The best part about this app?

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a notification letting you know that you have either successfully sent money, received money, or have gotten your referral benefits. You must be wondering…what referral benefits? You get rewarded for all referrals on Square Cash! Every time you refer someone to the app and they complete a transaction, both you and your friend get five bucks! Amazing right?!

Square Cash is simple, easy to use, and convenient! I think it will quickly become one of those must have apps on everyone’s phones.

Try Square Cash for yourself and let me know what you think! Download it here!

This post is sponsored by Square Cash and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make All Shook Up possible!


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