What I’m Watching: Odd Mom Out

As you may have noticed from previous posts (here, here, & here) I am constantly finding new TV shows to binge watch. I am a huge Netflix Junkie and love just having TV on in the background while I clean my apartment or make dinner. My latest find is one that has been plastered on pretty much every bus in New York City…Odd Mom Out. This is a Bravo scripted series that is like a comedic spin off of the book Primates of Park Avenue: A Memoir, which recently made headlines.


The show stars Jillian Weber, a married mother of three, living on the Upper East Side. But Jill is not exactly like the other moms nearby. She is quirky, fun, and honestly pretty normal (in my opinion). However, she constantly faces pressure from her husband Andy’s family, to conform to the lavish Upper East Side lifestyle. Specifically, it is Jill’s sister-in-law Brooke and her mother-in-law Candace who comment on Jill’s choices. Jill’s extended family are clearly status-obsessed and in one episode even consider changing their names to highlight their status even further. I love watching the different problems Jill faces, some are absolutely ridiculous, while others actually have some merit. On the other side of this Upper East Side status obsessive group, is Jill’s best friend Vanessa, a divorced ER doctor who represents Jill’s life pre Upper East Side. Vanessa is often Jill’s sounding board for all the absurdities she faces.

Fun fact: The diner that Jill and Vanessa frequent together is one of my favorites in the city and is not terribly far from my own apartment on the UES!

Every episode of Odd Mom Out shows a new aspect of Jill’s life that forces her to try and stay true to herself, while not giving into the temptation of her husband’s family legacy. One of my favorite episodes is Brooklandia, when Jill gets a glimpse into what life might be like outside of the Upper East Side neighborhood she calls home! This is a very funny show that is a great option for New Yorkers, specifically us Upper East Siders to laugh at.


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