Thoughtful Thursday: Change is the only constant

When I first started All Shook Up I had a weekly segment called Wordy Wednesday. It highlighted my love of quotes and allowed me to reflect on what was happening in my life at that time. Although I loved this weekly post, it sorta fell to the wayside. As a result I have decided to modify my original segment slightly. Moving forward, I want to start a series titled Thoughtful Thursday. This will ensure that I can include lots of other unique content, as well as a favorite new quote!

the only constant is change - Isaac Asimov took me most of my life to understand and accept this truth

This is a quote that rang true for me last week. After 4th of July weekend with my family, I realized how much all the cousins and I have grown up. We used to be silly little kids who played the color game in a Boca Raton pool for hours on end and tell countless dumb jokes in the hot tub. It was strange to see how much has changed and yet so many things remained the same between us all. It was a necessary weekend to reconnect with one another, and allowed me to escape the Manhattan heat. As I was driving home from PA to NJ (then back on a train to the city) I started to think about how comfortable things in my life felt. My family is doing really well, my job has been wonderful, and I am slowly but surely adapting to life in NYC. I was excited to return back to my office, refreshed and ready for the many projects up ahead.

Then Monday happened.

Our team received some incredibly surprising news Monday morning. Something that none of us saw coming and that will definitely impact us in the months to come. My manager has decided to take a new path and will be leaving in a matter of weeks. I was completely stunned when I heard the news and tried not to get emotional about the changes. Over the last nine months I have become increasingly comfortable in my role with my team. I love going into work every day and although it doesn’t necessary “scare” or intimidate me like it used to, there is always something new and exciting to learn. When I heard this news I was immediately worried that all the progress I had made would be pushed to the wayside and I would be reverted back to the assistant I was back in September. I have been repeatedly reassured that my team is going to lean on each other for support and make sure the changes up ahead happen seamlessly. It is hard to accept that a mentor who I have admired for the last ten months will not be there every morning. However, after I let the news digest a little, this quote popped into my head.

“Change is the only constant”

Throughout my life, whenever I became far too comfortable with the routine in my life, something out of nowhere changed everything. This is almost always for the best and brings on new exciting things. Although my manager will no longer be my manager in a few short weeks, I know that she will always be my mentor. I am so thankful for her leadership, patience, and her willingness to teach me. From her, I have not only learned about my company and digital marketing, but also how to be a strong female leader in a corporate environment. I cannot imagine a better first manager in the “real world.”

That being said, I know that this change happened for a reason and that it is a necessary reminder for me to focus on my career trajectory. Obviously I cannot remain in my current role forever (and I want to move up the career ladder) but this change in her career path reminded me of my own. I want to always keep in mind the larger picture, where I see myself, and what I hope to gain and learn along the way. Change is often jarring at first, but it is the helpful reminder to force yourself out of a routine. Although I don’t know what the future holds, I am excited to see what happens in the months to come!


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