I’m back again with another take on my favorite Girl Code segments (check out my others here & here). For those of you who do not watch MTV’s Girl Code regularly, there is a segment called #IsThatWeird where each comedian reveals something they do and asks, #IsThatWeird? It got me thinking about all my weird habits and wondering whether or not they are as normal…or weird, as I think.


So here we go…

I choose salsa based on how easy it is to dip the chips straight into the jar

Whenever I see an owner walking their dog I silently compare how similar they look

I get irrationally angry at people who stop at the top/bottom of escalators

I think women who commute in heels are mystical unicorns

TJMaxx is my happy place

Bloggers with white nail polish always remind me of putting Witeout on my nails in middle school

Chicken nuggets are a core component of my grocery store hauls

Whenever I am stuck in crowds I find the tallest person going the same direction as me and follow them out like a duckling



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