What I’m Watching: Madam Secretary

To preface this post (and all previous & future “What I’m Watching” posts) I watch a ton of TV. Even though I don’t have cable in my apartment…I still somehow manage to watch a lot of television.

Madam Secretary is one of those shows that I randomly started watching when it first premiered and have kept up with ever since. I highlighted it a few months back when I noticed how many networks were debuting shows with strong female leads. I love that it is on every Sunday night because I know after a crazy long Monday at work I can watch the full episode online at CBS.com.

Check out the trailer here for a sense of the show!

Tea Leoni is absolutely incredible in this role. She plays Elizabeth McCord a former CIA agent and a professor at the University of Virginia. She takes on the role of Secretary of State when the current one dies in a fatal airplane crash. The President of the United States was her former boss at the CIA and he chooses her for her unique approaches to problems. As he says in the promo, “I recruited you for the CIA. I trained you as an analyst. I know how you think. You don’t just think outside of the box. You don’t even know there is a box”

Each episode she takes on new challenges and more times than not she is at odds with the Chief of Staff and even the President on how to approach the situation. She is knowledgeable, strong, and is clearly a force in this male dominated field. She is also a mother of three and has a wonderful husband Henry, all of who she somehow manages to keep a priority. Henry is a religion professor and also an expert in his field. The relationship Elizabeth has with Henry is one I have rarely seen on TV before. Their dynamic is completely comfortable, and it is clear that Henry fully supports his highly successful wife. For example, while Elizabeth is handling an international crisis, Henry is home consoling his heartbroken daughter or frustrated son. Henry is so supportive of Elizabeth and even tells her, “If you’re asking me to be the man beside the woman, I’m in.”

What I love most about this show is how realistic and believable each episode is. Elizabeth takes on major challenges and always devises unique solutions. Madam Secretary does not create farfetched plot lines, but instead serious political problems that are not completely unknown to the world we live in today. This show also allows me to indulge in my Political Science major interests and the constant drama continually keeps me hooked. I cannot recommend Madam Secretary enough. It is the perfect TV show combination: a strong lead, political conflict, and personal drama.


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