My newest roommate

Living in New York City certainly has its ups and downs. One day I can be in complete bliss walking home in the sunshine and admiring the flowers along Park Avenue, the next I could be squished on the subway and getting rained on while I run to work because I somehow forgot my umbrella. It is a love/hate relationship at its finest.

My most recent adventure happened in my own apartment while I was preparing food Sunday afternoon. I have started a routine where every Sunday afternoon I grocery shop, plan and prepare meals for the week. Simple, but effective, and saves me tons of money throughout the week while also ensuring I do not starve. While I was rinsing and chopping up basil for a mozzarella & tomato sandwich, I saw something dart across my tiny kitchen floor and under the fridge. My entire body froze, so much so that I could not let out the scream that was rising up in my throat.

We have a mouse.

This was basically me when I saw the mouse, minus the pseudo gay/straight man.

My roommate mentioned that her previous roommate was a bit of a slob and always left our backyard patio door open, making mice a normalcy. So gross. Luckily we have not had this problem in the three months since I moved in…until now. I immediately left the kitchen, texted my roommate, and put away all the food prep. I honestly felt like I needed to shower even though the rodent had not touched me. I will say this, it was not a rat. It was not one of those disgusting subway rats, it was a little field mouse.

That afternoon my roommate set up at least two dozen mouse traps to catch the little fella. As I told my roommate, although I am happily single I would be completely okay with finding a boyfriend solely to deal with these types of things. Although we have not been successful in catching him, I have not seen the mouse since (or any new ones thankfully!). As I quickly learned that day, mice is a normalcy in New York City that I should grow more accustom to facing. I’m still not sure what surprised me more, the fact that I had a mouse in my kitchen, or that it was a completely normal conversation to have with my work colleagues Monday morning over coffee.

Like everyone keeps telling me…at least it’s not cockroaches.


2 thoughts on “My newest roommate

  1. I had to deal with cockroaches all summer in Tucson and it was NOT fun. But mice are just as bad. I also feel like mice are a little bit quicker so it’s harder to catch them! I used to use textbooks to kill the cockroaches haha

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