Kick up your floral heels

One of my favorite parts about Spring is breaking out my favorite wardrobe pieces. Floral heels are a slight obsession of mine, I currently have at least four in my closet (maybe five or six, but who’s counting?!). I’m pretty sure every year I end up buying another floral pair. There is something so apropo about floral accessories to accent your look when the seasons change. I rounded up a few of my favorite heels that would be the perfect pairing for any Spring look.

floral heels

top left / top center / top right

middle left / middle center / middle right

bottom left / bottom center / bottom right

Each of these heels would fit perfectly in my closet! Now all that’s left is to decide which one… You also may also notice that many of these are Ivanka Trump. I have to say Ivanka Trump heels hold a special place in my heart, and whenever I am home I always want to steal my mom’s pair. I hope these inspire you to add floral kicks to your closet!

Which pair is your favorite? Do you have any floral heels or are you eyeing any in particular?


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