Swimming in Lilly

As of today, it is exactly one month until Memorial Day weekend! I am so excited to break out my summer clothes and head to my family’s country club for the weekend. While I’ve been daydreaming about drinking Arnold Palmers poolside, I also realized that my swimsuits drawer could use a few new favorites!

Like most girls who logged onto their Target accounts early Sunday morning for the Lilly for Target line…I came up empty. The website kept crashing and everything I wanted was out of stock. Luckily my roommate is from a small town in the Midwest and her mom was able to get us both the things that we were coveting at the nearby Target (apparently no one in her hometown cares about Lilly, crazy I know!) So since I could always use a little more Lilly in my life, I rounded up a few of my favorite swimsuits from the original Lilly Pulitzer line, no crazy sale madness/stress needed!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.42.45 PM

 top left / top middle / top right

tote / caftan cover up / flip flops

 With this long weekend holiday coming up soon I know two things for sure 1) I need to update my swimwear and 2) I need to put down the chocolate!

What’s your favorite Lilly look? Where is your go-to place for cute swimsuits?


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