Mondays: A complete guide to make it through


Yes, it is the start of another week, but hey, at least the weather has been beautiful lately! I know that Mondays can be a struggle for most of us, but I have developed a few fail proof ways to start your week off right.

  1. Preparation is key – Lay out your outfit Sunday night, pack your lunch, and organize your purse before you get into bed. It will cut down on your rush in the morning and provide you with a little zen before you truly start your day.
  2. Get up early – This is a tip I constantly shy away from, but one that makes a huge impact. If you get up just a little bit earlier this morning you will be shocked at how much more time you have. Plus no one likes having to rush to work or their first class of the morning, it sets a stressful pace for the rest of the day.
  3. Wear something fun! – Mondays suck. It’s just a fact, but your outfit does not have to. If you are already feeling groggy or exhausted, wearing sweatpants or a huge sweater is not going to help. Pull out a fun sundress or your favorite accessories! Whether you realize it or not, others will take notice when you are wearing something you feel confident and comfortable in. Plus who doesn’t love a compliment first thing in the morning?
  4. Caffeinate – Well this tip may just be for my fellow coffee lovers, but it is amazing what a little caffeine will do for you when you power through Monday morning emails.
  5. Eat your favorite meal – I tend to make my weekly meals or at least a few lunch options Sunday night to ensure I have ready made choices. If you know it will be a long day, pack of few of your favorite go-to snacks. And if you are stumped on ideas, check out my Healthy Office Snack List!
  6. Motivational Tunes Music is a necessity in my life and I have mastered my morning playlist. When I first wake up and am washing my face/putting on my makeup I play a little Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Mumford & Sons, or Jack Johnson. Starting off with calmer songs lets me ease into the morning. When I leave my apartment and start walking to the subway I blast TSwift and somehow a little Shake It Off always puts me in a great mood, making me ready for whatever the day has to bring. Create a playlist of your favorite songs, from calmer to more pump up, and play it throughout your morning. It is amazing what a great song can do for your mood!
  7. Good Vibes Only – Even when you are not feeling great, forcing yourself to smile can actually help make you happier! Smile, compliment your friend or coworker’s dress, hold the door open for someone else, any kind gesture can have a hugely positive impact on others day as well as your own. Remember, we are all facing Monday, so be kind to those around you!

Happy Monday! I hope these tips help you make it through this crazy, busy day!


4 thoughts on “Mondays: A complete guide to make it through

  1. I’m a huge fan of getting my outfit ready the night before and having my bag all packed. I know I will be lazy in the morning and not put as much effort in so I’ve been doing that for years! Love your suggestions!

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