Friday Finds

 My favorite inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, and interesting articles from this week (4/11/15-4/17/15)


  1.  French Speakers on t-shirts with French phrases
  2. What does that typing indicator really mean
  3. Are you a true Lilly Girl?
  4. Women pay 76 cent to every Man’s dollar at this Pittsburgh store
  5. Mumford & Sons vs. Tidal
  6. CEO cuts $1 million dollar salary to give workers a pay raise
  7. Millennials on Hillary
  8. Consumers on the most socially responsible companies…different than you think!
  9. Coloring books for adults to allow mindful relaxation
  10. A guide to Spring 2015

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

    • I agree with you 100% Erica! I didn’t realize there was any backlash. I could see how people could take it the wrong way, but they are probably just reading too much into it. If it is improving the lives of his employees and makes his company a better place to work, good on him! 🙂


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