A little green goes a long way…

Last week I wrote about my transition from living at home and commuting to my job to becoming a full time New Yorker living on the Upper East side. Although there have been a lot of changes in trying to make my new space feel like “home” one of the best ways has been adding touches of green! My apartment is white, like all white. White walls, white floors, and most of my furniture is white. As a result, when I first moved in I felt suffocated by the sameness/like I was in a mental institution. Not ideal for where I will be living for the next year at least. So I knew that I needed to add some color, and I thought plants would help solve that problem…and it has!


Unfortunately I do not get a ton of natural light in my room so I knew that I would have to add color and decorative pieces to make it feel homey. While I was home for Easter I found quite a few plants that would work perfectly in my space. I stopped at Home Depot and grabbed a couple smaller plants in colorful vases, one larger floor plant, and a tiny panda vase grass plant (because why not!?). This was probably the easiest decorating I have done so far and it has made a huge impact! I already somewhat knew the power of plants because when I first started working I brought plants to keep at my desk too! I have a bamboo plant and a small ivy plant, both of which have grown a ton over the past six months. I always get compliments on my green thumb and I love having pops of color at my desk.

If you are looking to add some plants to your own desk/apartment/dorm room etc., do your research. I knew that for my apartment I needed plants that could survive with less light, while my desk plants needed to thrive in high fluorescent light. You also want to take into account how much maintenance your plants will need. Personally I love having plants that need care. When I had a cactus growing up, I killed it because I constantly over-watered it. Meanwhile my brother’s cactus is still alive to this day because I don’t think he has ever watered it. I want to have something that needs me to thrive, but not so much that it becomes a daily hassle. Doing a little research can save you from buying a plant or flower that will die within the first two weeks!

It is also important to take into account where you plan on putting these plants. I like to have a variety of options and utilize what space I have to my advantage. My three small plants are actually on a little ledge near the floor in the hallway to my bathroom. The larger plant is at home next to my full length mirror. I am also contemplating getting a hanging plant to put on my ceiling (I have relatively low ceilings) but I still have not decided on that. This was an inexpensive way to make my apartment feel more like a home rather than a temporary living space.

To help you add a pop of green to your spaces I found a few options to provide a little inspiration…

best house plants - Snake Plant - yes! I sooo agree! I started with one, now have 6 and have killed everything else1

30 Ways to Make Every Room in Your House Prettier | StyleCaster#_a5y_p=1936247#_a5y_p=1936247

Sneak Peek: Best of Indoor Plants. Now that she has a studio for her accessories line Rennes, Julia Okun used the little extra space in her Boston apartment to finally start a plant room. #sneakpeek

Home Tour: Amber Thrane Of Dulcet Creative | theglitterguide.com


I hope these inspire you to brighten up your own space with a few new plants!


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