101 in 1001 Update

So I have been seriously slacking at posting my 101 in 1001 updates here lately. My last update was in December…and it’s already APRIL! Over the past four months so much has changed in my life. I have a different zip code, a new routine, and I am slowly figuring out this whole adulthood thing. As always with these updates, I have not crossed off a TON of things, but hey it’s progress!


Taken while walking through Carl Schurz Park, a few blocks from my apartment!

8. Move into my first apartment (February 2015 – UES)

Arguably the biggest accomplishment I have made in the past few months is moving out of my parent’s house. As of February, I am officially an Upper East Sider. I truly lucked out with an amazing apartment (I have my own private half bath!!!), a great roommate, really inexpensive rent considering it is New York City, and a prime location near everything I could ever need. I am still finding new restaurants to try and routes to work. Now that the weather is finally starting to feel like Spring I am looking forward to simply strolling around the neighborhood with coffee in hand. And although, I am not exactly between Madison & Park, I still try to channel my inner Blair Waldorf whenever I walk down the street.

40. Find a sponsor for my blog (March 2015)

This was a really exciting one to cross off the list! I teamed up with BlueLight via the Her Campus Blogger Network to tell you lovely readers about a safety app that I think everyone should download. Check out the post here to learn more! I love that bloggers have the opportunity to work with companies they feel strongly about and spread the word, it is a really great opportunity for both parties and of course readers!

73. Join a Delta Gamma Alumnae Group (February 2015)

Since I am no longer rushing to and from Penn Station every day I have a lot more time on my hands to get involved. In college I was constantly running to and from meetings, and honestly I loved it. Being busy is when I feel most in control and usually the happiest. I knew that I wanted to join a DG alumnae group in whatever city I ended up in. So far I have attended the Annual Delta Gamma Founders Day Brunch and the monthly Book Club. I am looking forward to getting to know new sisters and adventuring throughout this city.

86. Join a Book Club (March 2015)

As mentioned above, I joined the NYC DG Book Club. It is a great way to combine two things I love, 1) meeting new people and 2) reading great books. I am really looking forward to our next meeting and to find out what our latest read will be!

Four more things crossed off the list! This 101 in 1001 list has been such a great way to dream big but still see my progress over time! I cannot recommend it enough!


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