Magazines, Magazines, Magazines!


I love magazines.

There I said it.

Although getting lost in a book series that I cannot bare to put down is a favorite feeling, magazines will always hold a special place in my heart. Every magazine I receive in the mail I read cover to cover. My friends will attest to this, and they often snatch the latest additions first so they can flip through them before me. I don’t know why, but I have this need to soak up everything that is written. I love reading an inspiring story from a longtime reader to turning a page and finding a dozen healthy smoothie recipes, the variety is what keeps me perpetually intrigued.

When I was younger I had two dream careers in mind, one was to be the next Katie Couric and host the Today Show. The other was to work at a lifestyle magazine and becoming the next Kate White. Clearly my parents should have named me Kate! During my junior year of college, I interned in the Features Department at Marie Claire magazine. It was such an amazing opportunity! I learned a ton about the magazine industry and what goes into the creation of each issue. Although I have decided to pursue a career in the digital marketing space of the beauty industry, the magazine world still fascinates me. As a result, I thought I would highlight my favorite must read monthly magazines…with a special surprise at the end!

Glamour – Over the years this magazine has moved up into the first place spot for my favorite magazines. It is always filled with great features that leave me in tears (happy & sad!), fill me with inspiration, or simply tell an incredible story. Every page I find something that I can relate to or a cover star that I am shocked to find similarities with. Glamour Magazine is a must read for all young women.

Real Simple – This is a magazine that my mom introduced me to a few years ago. Now we are both sufficiently obsessed with this publication. I not only read their monthly magazines, but I also receive the weekly meal planner via email to help inspire meals even I can tackle. The best way to describe Real Simple is… a breath of fresh air! From home decor to easy organizing tips, this magazine covers everything, simply and beautifully!

US Weekly/People – These are my guilty pleasure reads, typically read at the nail salon whenever I get pedicures. Sometimes it is nice to fantasize about the lives of my favorite celebrities and read about the latest gossip. Though, most of the “breaking stories” aren’t exactly true, it is still fun to flip through. A mindless read, but relaxing none the less.

Cosmopolitan – As Elle Woods said… This is the Bible, of magazines that is! The source of everything trendy and unapologetically daring, Cosmopolitan is a favorite for a reason.

Vogue – Enough said.

Now for that surprise I mentioned! If you read magazines cover to cover like me, you may have seen a familiar name in the sounding off page in the April issue of Glamour magazine! I tweeted about Allison Williams…and it is IN GLAMOUR MAGAZINE! I was SO shocked and excited to see my name in print in my absolute favorite magazine! Just the beginning of many taglines of course… 😉

What are your favorite magazines? I am always on the hunt for the next great read to add to my list!


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