Learn-Vest-LogoOkay, so I know that I have already highlighted apps that I love in the past…but seriously everyone needs to download LearnVest. To be completely honest I have never been very good with numbers. Math was never my strong suit, and I somehow managed to graduate high school and college without ever having to take calculus. Although I enjoyed taking statistics during my senior year of college, that is pretty much the extent of my fond feelings for mathematics. In college I was an English Literature & Political Science double major, no math anywhere!

Now that I have a steady income and regular expenses (rent/utilities/groceries etc.) I have been trying to find a way to manage my finances. I am pretty frugal when it comes to my own money but even so, it is hard to keep track of where my money goes.

In comes LearnVest!

LearnVest is a free online resource that allows you to set up your own profile to track your money and savings goals. LearnVest was also created by a millennial (just adds to its awesomeness!). When you download the app you can securely connect your bank accounts and see your purchases this month in one place. The app is easy to navigate and broken up into different tabs.

Within your profile you have…

  •  Your planner: which will customize your program and provide support to help you reach your goals.
  •  Your budget: which takes your goals and lifestyle into account.
  •  Your weekly flex spending number which gives you freedom to spend on what you want.
  •  Your Goal Calendar tells you how much you should contribute to your goals each month.

You can also categorize your different purchases which is incredibly handy. For example, when I go to the grocery store I categorize it as Groceries or when I go to dinner with friends I categorize it as Restaurants & Bar. This allows me to get a sense of how much I typically spend on different types of purchases each month. I downloaded the app this weekend and it has already become my number one resource for regularly checking my finances.

I have also set a savings goal which LearnVest tracks for me. It shows me how long it will take to reach this goal based on how much money I need to set aside each month. For someone who tries to save, but sometimes overspends when she is hungry at the corner grocery store or when Kate Spade is having a sale… this app is a lifesaver. I feel like I have a much better sense of control over my finances. Although right now I am using the free LearnVest app, I may decide to invest in the premium features in the future.I seriously cannot recommend this app enough, it is a must for all post grads attempting to pay off student loans and credit cards.

Try out LearnVest for yourself, and tell me what you think!


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