Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Okay so even though technically last Friday was the official First Day of Spring, I refused to post this list since it was snowing. Luckily the sunny weekend has melted most of the snow piles on the streets. So now that the weather is finally starting to feel like Spring, I thought I’d highlight my spring wardrobe necessities.

Flats / Tote / Lipstick / Stripe dress / Skirt Umbrella / Sunglasses / Rain boots

All I need in Spring is a striped tshirt and shorts or a dress, a pair of sunnies and rain boots to trek around a puddle filled town. I also love a good pair of flats that go with everything and an umbrella that is small enough to keep in my tote during those spontaneous afternoon rain showers. I am so excited to break out my favorite wardrobe pieces now that it is warm enough to wear them without a sweater or heavy coat! These are just a few things that I am eyeing this season but each one is essential and will definitely get its fair share of wear in the months to come.

When it comes to wardrobe staples I always try to aim for quality over quantity, especially now that all purchases come out of my paycheck. I know that it is worth it in the budget to shell out the cash for a pair of Hunter boots (currently I am debating what color to buy!) or a classic pair of sunglasses. Since I know both of these items will be worn extensively, they truly are essentials. I hope this list helps narrow down a list of pieces you need in your wardrobe, or ones that you should break out and wear right away!

What are your spring wardrobe essentials?


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