Makeup Tips from a Beauty Insider

I am not going to lie to you; working at a beauty company definitely has its perks. There is the birthday gratis in the company store, major discounts, and the constant stream of free products roaming around the office. As a result, I have learned a handful of beauty tips that I think every woman should know.


  1. Skincare is key – When it comes to beauty, the most important thing is skincare. Always wash your face before bed and remember to moisturize constantly. Especially now that we are moving out of winter and into spring your skin will definitely be impacted by the changing seasons. As Estée Lauder once said… “You only have one face; take care of it”
  2. Neck & Hands too – You may not know this but the first signs of aging do not appear on your face. Nope! It’s actually your hands and neck that show those first few wrinkles. So do not forget to take the time to moisturize your hands and neck to keep them soft and smooth.
  3. SPF all year round – Even in the depths of winter, remember to use products with SPF to help protect your skin. Choosing foundations and lotions with SPF is the easiest way to ensure that your skin is protected on a daily basis.
  4. Foundation matching – You never want anyone to say, “Hey, I love your foundation!” The purpose of foundation is to even out your skin tone, so you have to make sure that you are properly matched. I recommend going to your local department store and asking a Beauty Advisor for help.
  5. Be gentle on your skin – I am definitely guilty of not always following this tip. When you are putting on makeup, try to be gentle and not constantly pull your skin, especially around your eyes. This is pretty tricky when you are trying to get that perfectly lined eye, but the skin around your eyes is incredibly sensitive. Instead of trying to line your eye in one steady motion, do small little dashes starting at the outer corner of your eye and working its way in. Then simply connect the dashes, and voila! Perfectly lined eye!
  6. Keep brushes clean – Over the years my makeup bag has grown… and more recently started to overflow. Besides products this includes dozens of brushes that help me line my eye with gel liner and give my cheeks that little pop of color. Each of my brushes helps me achieve my desired result, but daily use means that they need a little maintenance too. Remember to wash your brushes regularly, all it takes it a little shampoo and time to air dry. Also, dirty brushes can cause bacteria to spread all over your face, so take a few minutes each week to clean them, it’s that easy!
  7. Replace makeup regularly – This is something I still struggle to remember. You should change your mascara every 3-4 months. I know I have definitely kept mascara way past that point. However, I know that I’d rather get fresh mascara than risk eye infections. Put a reminder in your calendar every few months to get a fresh supply of your favorite products. Different types of products have varying suggested expiration dates, so do your research and keep replenishing your beauty stash.
  8. Less is more – This is a lesson that good ol’ Full House taught me (well and my mom of course!). Becky taught DJ that the trick to wearing makeup is to look like you aren’t wearing any at all. Last year I was hanging out with a guy friend while I was getting ready for a date party. He watched as I put my makeup on, from a completely bare face to my party look, and was completely shocked. He knew that I wore makeup (because most women do) but I don’t think he realized how many steps there are since my makeup tends to lean more towards the natural side. He was surprised how each of the products I chose simply enhanced features I wanted to show off, like my blue eyes. It wasn’t like I was wearing a mask. Although I love a great cat eye or red lip every now and again, most days I prefer to use the basics and look like myself. I never want to look in the mirror and not recognize my own reflection.
  9. Mix & Match – There are truly no hard & fast rules when it comes to makeup, except choosing what you like best! I am a huge fan of wearing three different types of mascaras and mixing funky colored eyeshadows to get the best combinations. You won’t know what works best for you until you try out different products. Makeup is supposed to be fun, so pick up that bright lipgloss or spend an afternoon at a beauty consultation with an expert to learn tips for looks that you love. Remember, at the end of the day, makeup is only supposed to enhance your beauty, so find what makes you feel beautiful!

What are your favorite beauty tips and tricks? Are there any products that you swear by?

* I work for The Estée Lauder Companies however all thoughts and opinions are my own *


8 thoughts on “Makeup Tips from a Beauty Insider

  1. These are some really great tips! It’s funny that you mention aging appears first on hands because my sister asked me the other day why my hands look so ‘dry and old’ – and I couldn’t quite understand what she meant but now reading this everything makes sense! I need to start moisturizing my hands way more! Thanks a lot for sharing.

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