https://i0.wp.com/static5.quoteswave.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Once-a-year-go-someplace.jpg Lately in the slower moments at work I have found myself daydreaming about taking a far away trip (or, well, a destination close enough for a long weekend adventure!) Even though the never-ending winter seems to finally be coming to a close (fingers crossed!), the idea of traveling somewhere warm and just lying on the beach sounds amazing. Since Spring Break does not exactly exist in the “real world,” I realized that I am long overdue for a little sunshine and delicious margaritas poolside. Although I am definitely planning on soaking up all that New York City has to offer in the springtime, (minus a few weekend visits to neighboring cities to see friends!) I am really looking forward to this summer and potential vacations!

2014 was a huge year for my family, filled with many important milestones. I graduated from Bucknell University and my little brother Andy graduated from High School. My parents celebrated 25 years of marriage. My brother headed down south for his freshman year of college. I started a new job and just recently moved out of my parents’ house to an apartment in the Big Apple. Clearly its been a busy couple of months. Since it was chock full of so many exciting moments, there was not really any time for a family vacation. My little brother and Dad went on a last minute ski trip in December, but otherwise there hasn’t been a family trip in quite a while. Last night my Mom said that she and I deserve a little vacation since the boys already had a mini trip. And this got me thinking…

travel1If you are a regular reader of All Shook Up you may know that I am a little Type A, well…. a lot Type A. As a result, I have lists for literally everything. My To Do List, Grocery Shopping List, Blog Post Ideas, and a list of places I want to travel one day, just to name few. I keep all of these lists in Evernote, an app I seriously cannot recommend enough! Unfortunately, not all of my dream destinations are feasible in a weekend trip… Paris, Rome, Dublin, Athens, Prague, Istanbul, Milan, Amsterdam etc.

However, there are a couple of places I have been dying to visit here in the United States…

San Francisco – I would love to see the Golden Gate Bridge and ride the trolleys all over this beautiful city. Also, if I could find the house from Full House that would make the entire trip!

New Orleans – This is a trip I hope to take with friends over Mardi Gras one day!

The Grand Canyon – Both my Mom and I are dying to see the Grand Canyon! It is one of those trips that everyone says is a must. However the vacation I have in mind for my family this year would hopefully be more relaxing/less hiking and exploring.

Hawaii – I have never been to Hawaii but have always wanted to visit the beautiful islands. I cannot imagine a more perfect summer vacation than a week in the 50th state.

These are just a few of the places on my list that I cannot wait to visit one day (and maybe this year!). Honestly I don’t even care where we go…just as long as we go!

goWhat are your favorite vacation spots? Do you have any upcoming trips you are excited to take?


One thought on “Wanderlust

  1. I’m biased about San Francisco because that’s where I grew up but Hawaii is also amazing. I recently went to the Grand Canyon and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen! New Orleans is a dream place for me as well!!

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