A few months ago I did a post titled #ICant, based on a segment from the MTV Show Girl Code. Now I am back with another take on an additional segment from this hilarious television show. If you are a regular viewer of Girl Code you have probably seen the #BestFriendInMyHead segment. This got me thinking about my own “best friend in my head.” Now it was pretty hard to narrow down but I think I found the perfect fit…

Kelly Osbourne

First of all, Kelly Osbourne is so freakin’ cool. She is incredibly confident, poised, and adventurous when it comes to fashion and beauty (she started the entire purple hair trend that is sweeping the celebrity world right now). I love watching her on Fashion Police (and I am very sad to see her go, but understand!) because she always gives incredibly thoughtful advice. She doesn’t rip outfits to shreds, instead she suggests ways that it could have been improved upon.  Also, she has always been a proponent for being different, which is so refreshing. She recently launched her own fashion line, Stories…By Kelly Osbourne. I am such a huge fan of her style and the fact that each piece looks great on all body types. I received the Chapter One t-shirt for Christmas, because 2014 was truly the beginning of a new chapter in my life (graduation, new job, moved out of my parent’s house etc.)

If Kelly and I were best friends we would spend our days shopping for the latest trends. She would be the best shopping buddy, telling me what works and pushing my fashion boundaries. We would then spend the afternoon baking cookies and chatting with Sharon over coffee. Then of course we would get all dolled up and go interview stars on the latest red carpet. Afterwards we would debate the best and worst fashion on E!. If Kelly Osbourne were my best friend it would be tons of fun pretty much every day!

Who is your best friend in your head?


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