The Argosy Book Store

Since moving to New York I have a very different (and shorter!) commute then before. Because of this I am constantly finding new places that I want to check out as I wander to and from my office. In comes The Argosy Book Store. I pass this book shop every single day on my way to and from the subway. From the outside you see a little outlet of rustic charm and a small stand with books ranging from $1-3. A sharp contrast to the skyscrapers and sleek buildings on either side. This book shop immediately reminded me of my favorite study spot in college. At Bucknell there was a small library near the English department which most students referred to as the Harry Potter library. I would spend hours there every week, working on papers or cramming for exams. It was truly one of my favorite places on campus (English nerd alert!). I knew after passing The Argosy Book Shop that I would have to go in when I wasn’t rushing to make it to my desk by 9am.

The other day I decided to wander inside the book store after a long day at work, and I am so glad that I did. The Argosy Book Store is amazing. I could honestly spend hours browsing through the store’s hundreds of books. Included in the rows of bookcases were prints, signed celebrity autographs, and large posters for sale. Here are just a few snapshots from my time spent at the  bookstore.


I ended up buying four books, talking myself out of eight total (it was a tough decision for sure!). I love to dig for buried treasure and I was ecstatic leaving the store with my new books and I am planning a lengthier trip in the future. There was something about The Argosy Book Store that immediately made me feel at home. I felt calm and completely comfortable the moment I walked inside. It was almost strange how quiet the bookstore was compare to the busy streets right outside the front door. It truly felt like a little oasis in the middle of Manhattan. There is no feeling quite like browsing a book store for hours on end, with nothing on your mind but the latest title that catches your eye.

 *Also for those of you Hitchcock fans like me, in Vertigo Scottie and Midge go into The Argosy Book Shop. However, the book store is a set based on a similar store in San Francisco*


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