NYC Winter Survival Guide

The other morning when I woke up it was 1 degree Fahrenheit with a windchill making it feel like -20. There is no denying that winter is here to stay for several more weeks in NYC. So in order to make it through the freezing temperatures I compiled a complete survival guide to make it to Spring.


Tea/Coffee – The only thing that I look forward to during my morning walk to the subway is a cup of tea or coffee (depending on the day!) I cannot imagine a better way to stay warm without a handy thermos.

Blanket Scarf  – Up until last week I did not understand the blanket scarf obsession at all. However, after finally giving into the trend and picking up my own plaid scarf I cannot help but admit that this is a winter necessity. Blanket scarves are so soft and warm and the best way to protect your face from the biting cold wind.

L.L. Bean Boots – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these boots are a lifesaver in this city. On those really snowy or gross rainy days, I cannot imagine navigating the streets in anything but these boots. They were great in college, but they are essential components of my winter wardrobe.

Hunter Boots – I have never owned a pair of Hunter Boots, I know *GASP* but my roommate insisted I try hers on, and I have to say I am a convert. They are so comfortable and they do not add an extra five pounds to my feet. Now I’m looking to get my own pair…but I am being WAY too indecisive on color! (Any suggestions are much appreciated!)

Thick Socks – Fuzzy socks truly make all the difference!

Wear color! – I get it, wearing black is the unofficial dress code of New York City. But honestly is there anything more depressing than dark gloomy cold weather paired with an all black ensemble. Instead of dressing for a funeral, add pops of color into your daily outfit. It is amazing how putting on a fun print or colorful necklace can start your day off on the right foot.

Get out of the house – Check out the MoMA’s latest exhibit or go grab coffee with a friend. If you stay inside all day everyday after work you may start to lose your mind. Be strategic, on the days when the sun creeps out from behind the clouds, venture out to the coffee shop around the corner or do a quick grocery store run. It doesn’t have to be a huge trip, just something to change things up.

Opt for warmth over cool factor – This goes for hats/gloves/any other outerwear accessory. My winter looks may not always match or be “cool”, but I guarantee you that I am warmer than the other fashionistas walking the NYC streets.

Netflix – Cold weather is the perfect excuse to binge watch Friends with a glass of wine and popcorn, stay inside and indulge a little!

What are your winter survival essentials?


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