Week One

As of today I have been living in New York City for a little over a week! It has definitely been an adjustment to say the least. However, all the changes have been mostly positive (hello a max of 30min commute to work!) Since this has been quite a busy few days I thought I would recap the beginning of this adventure living on my own (well with roommate!) in the Big Apple.

My first ever housewarming gift…thanks Mom!


Moved all my things into my new apartment in less than 3 hours (including the trip to order a mattress)

Crashed on an air mattress the first night since apparently you cannot get a mattress delivered the day that you order it…Stupid Sleepys.

Went out to dinner with my new roommate where we bonded over delicious burgers and our favorite TV shows.

This restaurant is also the place where I know I will quickly become a regular

On the way home from dinner my roommate bought a dozen bottles of red wine… we’re going to get along just fine!

I’ve taken a few strolls around the neighborhood just to get my bearings

Was hit on by a high school student trying to raise money for his Varsity Basketball Team…

I went with the classic “Oh sorry I have a boyfriend” rather than the probably more appropriate “Well, that would be illegal…but thanks!”

This also happened while I was in my sweats from moving in, hadn’t showered, and was make-up free…trust me I was looking good…NOT!

Indulged in a classic New York bagel, which was the best way to start my first morning in the city.

Sang karoake with a fellow Bucknellian and her roommate, that Orange & Blue runs deep!

Reminded daily why L.L. Bean boots are the best. thing. ever.

Continually blast Pandora and sing while I make breakfast or dinner, because I’m an adult, this is my apartment, and I can do whatever I want.

This is clearly not the most exciting week of my life, but it has been filled with a lot of fun little moments. I love that I have so much freedom. It is so different than the freedom I had in college, because this time I am done with work the moment I leave the office. I don’t have to worry about homework or exams, just enjoy!  And instead of spending basically two hours each way commuting home, I have SO much more time to do what I want. Although I haven’t adventured much yet, I am looking forward to the many weeks to come. But I have to say, so far New York City isn’t half bad.


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