Must see Superbowl XLIX commercials

Okay so I know that the Superbowl is tomorrow…but commercials have been all over the web this week. So since my industry newsletters have been bombarding me with the best ones, I thought I would round them all up here!

I have a feeling this will be one of the favorites tomorrow!

As a Brady Bunch fan I could not help but LOVE this commercial. Everyone remembers the classic scene when Marcia is hit in the face with a football, such a great commercial idea! And as always…Jan ha!

Kim Kardashian has a sense of humor…selfies on selfies for T-Mobile!

This looks AWESOME! While I was in high school, each year seniors had their own “Senior Week” and one year the seniors did a Pac Man day! Clearly not as ridiculous as this but so funny! Great commercial!

This commercial, so sweet, couldn’t help but smile (and tear up a little!)

Who knew watching pro football players after they retire would make a great commercial?!


Paying it with love!

Just a teaser for the ad…but still hysterical! Cannot wait for the full advertisement.

What are your favorite Superbowl 2015 commercials (so far!)


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