Snow Day Essentials: Inside & Out

There is a MAJOR blizzard hitting my town and New York City today. This got me thinking about all the different necessities for a snow day… or in my case blizzard day. Since my snow days are usually partly indoor and partly outdoor I thought I would pull together the essentials for both!


Outdoor-wise, once the snow calms down, my dad usually has my brother and I shovel the walk and a small path on our deck for our dog Scout. Since Andy is down south at college I have a suspicious feeling that it will be just me and my dad handling shovel duty. Weather like this calls for some serious gear.

Canada Goose Parka If you haven’t seen these jackets around town or that distinct logo everywhere then you must be living under a rock. Canada goose jackets are incredibly warm and perfect for snow days. I have been dying to get my hands on a parka this warm, but unfortunately they sell out in 0-5 seconds.

L.L. Bean Boots – Just like the Canada Goose parka, Bean Boots sell out in the early weeks of fall. However, I cannot imagine braving the winter without these. I wore these boots constantly while at Bucknell, and they have served me well on my commute into NYC on really rainy gross days.

North Face Gloves – To add a little color to my winter gear I always opt for fun gloves/mittens/hats etc. and these gloves are perfect for shoveling snow. I love the sea green color for a break amongst the dark gear.

Shovel – Pretty self explanatory


Normally when I wake up on a snow day I check to see if school is closed, but now that I am an adult (Still weird. Still haven’t fully accepted). I check my email to see what the verdict is, and proceed from there. I typically spend most, if not the whole day, in pajamas and slippers with a good book and a cup of tea.

J.Crew Flannel Pajamas – I got these pajamas for Christmas and I seriously cannot stop wearing them. I think there is something so right about wearing head to toe flannel while a snow storm rages outside. The color combo is perfection…and they are on SALE!

L.L. Bean Slippers – I am in LOVE my L.L. Bean slippers. My friend Steph introduced me to these slippers during our freshman year of college, and quickly after I bought my own pair. They are incredibly comfortable and have a sturdy sole so you can walk  around easily without slipping (I may have even worn these outside a time or two…) The best slippers I have ever come across.

A good book – I started reading Wild last week and to be honest I wasn’t sure if a solo trek along the Pacific Crest Trail would be a grabbing novel for me. However, I was completely wrong. The book is a perfect combination of Strayed’s quest along the PCT as well as flashbacks to important moments in her life up until the hike. She is relatable and honest, a truly authentic narrator that you feel as if you know. Cheryl Strayed is a wonderful writer and I constantly find myself marking different lines that make me stop in awe. Although you don’t have to necessarily be reading Wild, I love reading a great book besides the fireplace as the snow falls. (But when I finish Wild I promise to leave a review like I have with other books like this, this, and this!)

Cup of tea – In my effort to cut back on coffee I am resorting to my random collection of tea that I acquired mostly from my semester abroad in Australia. A warm cup of tea (In my Little Miss Sunshine cup!) is the perfect pairing to a great book, especially on a snow day.

Deck of cards or puzzle – Whenever my family goes on a ski trip (or any family trip for that matter!) we tend to pick up a puzzle at the start to work on throughout the vacation. We tend to find a picturesque photo of the area we are visiting and it serves as a great way to unwind after a long day on the slopes. Card games also come in handy! Poker is usually played with my Florida cousins,  Bananagrams with my European cousins, and Apples to Apples with pretty much anyone! When the snow falls breaking out these games is a nice break from technology.

I love snow days because they are the perfect excuse to stay inside all day and simply relax. What do you like to have by your side on snow days?


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