Allison Williams is my Spirit Animal


I am an avid magazine reader and my close friends will attest that I read all of my magazines cover to cover (which usually annoys them if I take too long!). I love catching up on career tips as well as fashion how to’s and reading interviews with the latest cover star. I read a variety of magazines, but Glamour is by far my favorite. It covers such a wide range of topics and somehow always finds fascinating features that relate back to my own life.

For the month of February, Allison Williams is the cover star. I am a huge fan of Allison’s (not just because we have the same name, and we spell it the right way!). I first saw her in Jake & Amir videos through College Humor, which are absolutely hysterical. Most of her fans know her as Marnie on GIRLS, the character who seemingly thinks she has it all together…but continually misses the mark. She is the character you cannot help but watch crash and burn (hello Stronger karaoke) but you still want her to figure it out. Most recently Allison starred as Peter Pan in Peter Pan Live! on NBC. Which she absolutely killed, even though most people were waiting to hate on it like they did with The Sound of Music Live! Allison is an incredibly talented actress and singer, and I cannot wait to see what project she takes on next.

Now, although I am a fan, after reading her interview in Glamour I am an even bigger fan! It is clear from her resume that Allison has accomplished a lot, but she is also wise beyond her years. Throughout the interview one section in particular stuck out to me. The interviewer asked her about the perfectionist persona that most people immediately characterize her as, and how this ambition has rubbed others the wrong way in the past. Allison response is one that I cannot help but applaud “I feel that women should feel more comfortable to be ambitious and to talk about what they want.” As a teenager, she notes that this inner drive she had made others respond with the “Who do you think you are?” mindset. She recognized that confidence bothers some people because “unfortunately, it has the added negative of making people look inward and think, like ‘Could I be achieving more if I were working harder?’ It’s an uncomfortable thought.” I feel like Allison hit the nail on the head. I describe myself as a hard worker and I am constantly working towards my goals. Some friends have been incredibly supportive and also have their own dreams that they are working towards. Others have had the eye roll with the “Yeah, okay, good luck with that” look or they didn’t even work towards their goals and instead simply shot down mine. I think Allison is right when she said that sometimes your ambitions can somehow makes others feel not as great about themselves. And it shouldn’t! Instead of tearing each other down, we need to encourage one another! Plus when it comes down to it, you need to have the confidence in your abilities to accomplish your goals. I felt that every response she gave regarding this topic is exactly how I feel. I seriously couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement while reading her thoughts. I love that she is determined and that she is not going to apologize for her confidence, she has worked really hard to get here!

Allison also has such a bright future ahead of her. I really admire what she is looking for in her next project. She constantly read movie scripts but finds that she always wants to play the male roles. I am not surprised, seeing how most female roles are usually the same one dimensional characters. However, the studios keep saying no to these requests. I am keeping my fingers crossed that someone finally says yes (or at least makes more dynamic female characters)!

Throughout this interview I somehow became an even bigger fan of Allison. She is a strong role model for the thousands of girls out there who are afraid to let their ambitions shine through. A young girl who knows exactly what she wants with her life should not be the most threatening and unappealing thing you can imagine. Instead, we should all take a note from Allison and be confident and proud of our dreams. Who knows…maybe one day we could be on the cover of Glamour telling our own stories!


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