Wordy Wednesday – Pendulum


This week’s quote is one I came across on a Pinterest binge. I have been trying for days to track down the author, but I keep coming up empty. With the start of the new year, this quote put all my strange anxieties into a beautiful phrase. I feel like I am finally at a place in my job where I feel confident in my work and place on the team. I am of course still learning, but what people say is true, by the fourth/fifth month you start to really feel at home in a new job. It no longer feels overwhelming, but instead more comfortable. I am increasingly confident in my abilities and I am so excited about what is to come! I love that I feel situated in this job, but it also makes me anxious in a way.

Recently I was skyping with my friend Tara from Bucknell who definitely has the “travel bug.” She is dying to see more places and experience new things. I think since starting my job those thoughts have been put to the wayside because I have been so focused on my career. However, now I sometimes find myself looking at my holiday calendar for 2015 and asking myself…”Okay, so what now?” In college you always have some sort of break or holiday to look forward to next. In the real world you get the occasional three day weekend and at the end of the year the most holidays. However, seeing how its January, those days off seem way too far away.

Although I love the routine of getting up, heading to work, powering through all day long, and relaxing at home, I also am looking towards my next adventure. Now that I have this routine pretty much down pat I need to find new ways to fill that urge to explore. I want to start planning more weekend trips to visit my friends. I am also looking to move out of my parent’s house soon, just on the hunt for a roommate, and then on to find the perfect place! Although I definitely have the routine down, which Type-A Allison loves, I also have that inner Study Abroad Australia Allison who is ready and willing to take on a new adventure! I think in life once you get too comfortable or situated, that means its time to scare yourself or go out and try something new. It fulfills that mixture of adventure and routine that your heart craves.

So I challenge you to change your routine up! Find something that excites you and go after it full force. Whether it be a weekend trip or completely changing careers…do it! It is your life, don’t allow yourself to get caught in a routine because the longer they go on, the harder they are to break. I hope this quote reinvigorates you, like it did for me.


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