My Favorite Bloggers

Technically I started blogging in January of 2014, but I realized quickly that I was not nearly prepared enough to keep it up on a regular basis. So instead, I took my time to plan and launch All Shook Up in May. This included not only determining topics and the direction of my blog, but also reading tons of other blogs. Since joining the blogging world I have read hundreds of blog posts, but only a few key bloggers are the ones I read on a daily basis. Here are my favorite bloggers!

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Design Darling

This blog is one of my all time favorites not only because Mackenzie has incredible style and understands my love of preppy colors and beautiful NYC, but she is a fellow Bucknellian! She also is the creator of the 101 in 1001 list, which I am a huge fan of and have even implemented on All Shook Up

The College Prepster

This blog is pretty much a staple in the blogging world, everyone knows and loves Carly! She has great style but also includes posts that range from advice, cooking, to living in NYC.

Gal Meets Glam

This blog encompasses the term “fashion blog” to a T. Julia has a clear fashion sense and constantly creates interesting looks that make me want to reinvent my own wardrobe. I love that her blog encourages readers to add a little glam to their every day lives, something we can never have enough of!

Poor Little It Girl

Right out of college, I do not have a ton of money/savings. So this blog immediately spoke to me simply from the title. Cathy creates outfits that are under $100 and shows her readers that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to be fashionable. She is also amazing at reinventing pieces in her closet to use every season! I admire her ability to constantly create fashionable looks that even I can get my hands on.

Why Knot

This blog was previously called Day By Day, but with the start of 2015 it has been changed to Why Knot. I came across Allie’s blog randomly but have found myself continually going back to her page. She is also a recent college graduate and I find so many of her posts relate to my own life! Also her outfits are ones I would definitely wear!

The Preppy Scientist

Shontal has made a really wonderful blog at The Preppy Scientist. Her posts are always interesting and often quick reads which are great for the girl on the go. I love that she includes a variety of topics from fashion to “Hey It’s Okay” posts. Plus who doesn’t love a preppy blog?

Musings from the Quarter Life

This is my friend Sara’s blog. I met Sara at Bucknell, where we became not only friends but also sorority sisters. Sara is a wonderful writer and I am always moved by her pieces. She constantly poses interesting questions and really makes you stop and think. I cannot recommend her blog and her other works (which can be found on tons of other websites!) enough!


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