New Year Resolutions vs. Daily Aspirations

To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of New Years Eve. Have you ever seen the episode of How I Met Your Mother when Ted is talking to the coat check girl at a night club (Jayma Mays) about all the things that are built up, and are never as fun because of it? That is how I feel about New Years Eve. I always feel an overwhelming amount of pressure to start fresh, have massive goals that I must accomplish, and to somehow have the time of my life the night before this supposed fresh start. I don’t think I have ever managed to keep a New Year Resolution, most likely because I set myself up for failure with huge unachievable goals that always seem too far off. This is partially why I am such a huge fan of the 101 in 1001 list, because it is much more manageable. So instead of a New Year Resolution that is either too large or too vague to really determine my achievement, I am setting daily aspirations. Now this is not to say that I have to do these things every single day, but instead to keep them in mind on a regular basis for the good of my health, both physically and emotionally.

Each of these ranges from silly to more serious and I am definitely going to try to keep them in mind on a regular basis.

#1 Tea before bed is something I did a lot during my senior year of college but has somewhat fallen to the wayside as of late. It was always a great way to unwind and get ready to doze off into a deep sleep so I am going to try to bring it back into my routine.

#2 Nails always polished is somewhat silly but for what ever reason I love having pretty colors on my fingernails. It is a nice way to change things up and feel put together regularly. Especially working in the beauty industry I think it is important to at least attempt this one!

#3 Prepare outfits beforehand is my attempt to cut out time in my early morning rush to catch the train to the city. Instead of rummaging through piles of clothes I am going to try and pick things out in advance to decrease the frenzy.

#4 Limit coffee intake is going to be more difficult, but something I know I must focus on. I am trying to decrease the amount of caffeine in my system and stick to one cup of coffee during the weekday and zero on the weekends. I am also going to try and add tea in my schedule to help with the withdrawal.

#5 Work out regularly, is one that I think every single American has on their resolutions list. Although I commute to my job I surprisingly end up walking quite a bit on a regular basis. However, I am working to find new ways to incorporate other types of exercise to work different muscles.

#6 Practice my cooking skills is definitely something I should have focused on sooner. Right now I can pretty much cook eggs, pasta, grilled cheeses, make a salad, and bake lots of delicious banana bread. I find baking really easy because it always includes the same three or four ingredients, but a load of cupcakes does not make for a well-balanced meal. I am going to try to cook one meal a week in an effort to expand my culinary experience. If you have any favorite recipes or suggestions that I should test out (especially if they are really really simple) I am all ears!

#7 Talk slower – Ask anyone who knows me and they will nod their heads in agreement… I talk way to fast. I am going to really try to hold back, enunciate clearly and slowly, so I don’t have to continually repeat myself and leave others slightly puzzled.

#8 Listen more than I speak – We all have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason…I just need to focus on remembering that fact and listening more than speak!

#9 Read, read, read – Although I spend quite a bit of time on trains weekly, in the last few months I have just been dozing off or listening to music to pass the time. Since I am much more accustomed to the crazy life of a commuter I want to start reading the growing pile of books on my bedroom floor. I love to read, I just need to remind that sleepy eyed 7am Allison to crack open that book.

#10 Rainbow diet – Not a crazy strict diet, but one that asks the question, how colorful is my plate? This is a great way to insure that I am not eating all white/brown foods (aka. pasta, mashed potatoes, bread etc.) and increases the amount of colorful fruits and veggies in my meals.

#11 Say “Yes” – This is something I have done most of my life but I want to encourage myself to do even more of in 2015. Say yes to any and all opportunities, because most of those chances I took in the past have led to truly wonderful things. 2015 is definitely another year of “yes!”

#12 Take the time – This is a phrase that my friend Tory first introduced me to while we were in college. It is a poem that spoke to her, and a concept that truly inspires me. In every area of my life I want to keep that reminder to take the time, for catching up with friends, for furthering my career, for reaching out to my loved ones, to volunteer, and to take care of myself.

#13 Relax – Type A Allison usually has a problem with this one, but I want to make sure that I give myself time to unwind. It is just as important to work hard and keep pushing forward as it is to go to bed early and catch up on my favorite TV show. Everything in moderation!

I hope that by keeping these 13 different things in mind on a regularly basis they will help me in the long run. Instead of some huge unattainable goal for the year, smaller baby steps every day will work to make 2015 a truly wonderful adventure!


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