101 in 1001 Update

I realized a few days ago that I have not kept to my promise of recapping my 101 in 1001 updates! The last update I did was in October…so clearly I have checked a few more things off the list. So here it goes my victories since October! Although I have only crossed a few things off my list I know that I am getting one step closer each month.

#4 – Take a self defense class – December 2014

I cannot stress how important I think it is to take a self defense course! I participated in two classes while I was in college with my sorority and there are still tips and moves I remember from those afternoons. With the rising numbers of sexual assaults on college campuses, and violence in the “real world” I think every woman should have a basic knowledge of self defense. My mom heard about a class via our town’s local police newsletter and thought it would be a great refresher! Especially working and commuting into a major city, I thought it would be smart to go and maybe learn a few new tips. Unfortunately due to an injury I faced a few months ago I was unable to fully participate. However, even watching the class was helpful! If you have not taken a self defense class before, seriously consider trying it out, hopefully you will never have to use the moves you learn but it can only help!

19 – Visit 5 museums (The Metropolitan Museum of Art & MoMA) – December 2014


The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Cubism Exhibit

Technically I have not fully crossed #19 off the list but I am getting closer. Earlier in the month I was invited to a private showing at The Met because Leonard A. Lauder (Estee Lauder’s eldest son) donated his private Cubism collection to the museum. It was amazing to view his private collection, filled with dozens of works from Braque to Picasso. This exhibit is only available until February 2015 so I suggest you move quickly and check it out, you will definitely thank me!

The group at the MoMA!

The group at the MoMA!

The second museum I crossed off the list was the MoMA. My mom, my godmother and her daughter Virginia and I decided to spend the day in NYC starting with the MoMA. We were especially excited to check out the Matisse exhibit. To be honest I knew next to nothing about Matisse before Saturday, but I was absolutely blown away. His work was so colorful and I had an immediate reaction to each piece. I do not know a ton about art, just what I remember from courses throughout high school and college. However, I base my opinions on art through my immediate visceral reactions, and I loved walking through the Matisse exhibit. One day I want to order a few of his prints (available in the MoMA design store) once I have an apartment to decorate!

#41 – Get on a consistent blogging schedule – November 2014

I felt in November that I was finally getting into a routine with All Shook Up. I have a running list of ideas that I know I want to write about at some point, making it much easier to decide what to post each week. However, I am still working to ensure that I don’t post simply to post, but instead because I truly want to write that day. I think figuring out a consistent blogging schedule is difficult for any blogger and a constant work in progress. That being said, I am definitely learning and growing with this blog which is certainly helping in the consistency element.

#46 – Organize my iTunes – November 2014

Okay, I know that this is not the most exciting thing to cross off my 101 in 1001 list, but it was really important to me. Somehow when I got my macbook a few years ago my iTunes never properly synced. I had hundreds of songs on my iPhone, but only a dozen or so in my music library and I couldn’t seem to remedy this issue (trust me I went to everyone from Geek Squad to my computer wiz friends). Since my iPhone music hadn’t been updated in years I decided to just start from scratch and lose the songs on my iPhone, and start all over again. Although this was a frustrating process, it was for the best. Now, I am more cognizant of backing up my device to ensure that this never happens again!

#96 – Find my signature scent – December 2014


I wrote a post all about this feat, because trust me when I say it was a lengthy process!

Five more things off the list! This 101 in 1001 list has been such a great way to dream big but still see my progress over time! I cannot wait to see what I accomplish next!


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