10 Easy Secret Santa Gifts!

Whether it is an annual tradition with friends or a holiday office exchange, Secret Santas are always fun! It is nice to search for a gift and attempting (but often failing!) at keeping a secret! However, sometimes there is so much pressure to find the perfect gift that we end up with unoriginal gifts that we found at the last minute. To help with the tricky decision in selecting the perfect Secret Santa gift, here are a few easy options that anyone will love!


  1. Scented Candles – Who doesn’t love the smell of pine needles, cranberries, and Christmas cookies baking in the oven? Yankee Candle has a new “Winter Wonderland” collection that smells absolutely heavenly. Everyone appreciates gifts that embrace the holiday spirit!
  2. Baked Goods – Tis the season for milk and cookies and endless amounts of delicious treats to dump into cups of cocoa! Let your inner baker shine through and whip up some chocolate chip cookies for a friend. Plus, who doesn’t love receiving holiday desserts?
  3. Touchscreen gloves – When the weather gets chilly we inevitably face the same problem, it’s freezing, and way too cold to take your gloves/mittens off, but we have to text a friend back. Pick up a pair of gloves that are not only cute but tech savvy!
  4. Re-useable Water Bottle – Consider picking out a cute water bottle for a friend who is always on the go. It is a sustainable and useful gift that anyone will appreciate! To add to the holiday spirit, fill the bottle with candy canes and chocolates or some hot cocoa!
  5. Warm Socks/Slippers – This may be a little tricky if you don’t know your friend’s shoe size, but a cozy gift is always appreciated! A few fuzzy socks/a pair of slippers + a favorite movie + a bag of popcorn = an easy and comfy gift option for anyone!
  6. Travel Coffee Mug – If you have a friend or coworker with a slight coffee addiction, buy a cute travel coffee mug they can take with them everyone! The bigger the to-go cup the better!
  7. Back Up Charger for iPhones – Don’t you hate it when your phone dies and you left your charger at home? Let’s face it, everyone has this problem on a regular basis. Make sure you friend isn’t stranded in the same situation, and pick up a super cute iPhone back up charger. They come in lots of different designs, making it easy to pick out the right one for their personal style.
  8. Journal – For your creative friend/colleague, grab a colorful notebook to write down all their lists and thoughts! Plus, You can never have too many cute notebooks!
  9. Mini Spa Set – Include a face mask, aromatherapy lotions, and a few bottles of nail polish to create the perfect spa night for a friend.
  10. Statement Necklace – The missing piece to every holiday assemble is a sparkly necklace to pull the look together! For your fashion forward friend pick out a statement necklace to add to her collection.

Although these gifts can work for most everyone, I hope that these suggestions help you narrow down a more specific option for your Secret Santa recipient. Remember, ultimately it is the thoughtfulness that matters the most. A gift doesn’t have to be over the top or ridiculously expensive, instead focus on the person and I promise that they will love whatever you get them!


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