Thanksgiving Travel Essentials

Tis the season for lengthy meals, holiday cheer, family time, and lots and lots of travel. Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, so prepare yourself for long hours spent in planes, trains, and automobiles. In order to get through the holiday with a little less stress (besides the constant prying questions at the dinner table from your nosy aunt!), here are some travel essentials that you do not want to leave behind.


  1. A roomy weekender bag – Be sure to bring a bag big enough for the essentials, but light enough to lug throughout an airport and fit in the overhead compartment.
  2. Noise canceling headphones – Everyone travels during the holiday, meaning loud obnoxious people, crying babies, and other annoying sounds. If you are traveling by car, the headphones will help drown out your parents singing off key to endless holiday tunes.
  3. Snacks Whether you are flying or driving, snacks are always essential. Pack some goldfish or pretzels, foods that won’t make a mess on a plane or ruin your car seats.
  4. Audiobooks – Recently my mom started listening to audio books on long car drives. I think its a great idea to change things up and pick up an audio book of one of the classics or your favorite book. It makes for an entertaining trip, even when you are stuck in traffic. Or consider testing out the latest craze, podcasts! Serial is racking up the listeners and making national news!
  5. iPhone charger – Pretty self explanatory, but don’t forget a car charger before a long road trip or an iPhone charger to use while waiting in the airport.
  6. Caffeine – If your family is like mine, no one functions without their morning cup of coffee. Don’t overlook this essential, it puts everyone in the right mood and gets them moving bright and early!
  7. PRESENTS – Whether it is the part of the Thanksgiving meal you were assigned, a small gift for the hosts…Don’t forget them!!!

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