Okay so I know that Guy Code came first and all, but seriously Girl Code is the best television show on MTV. If you haven’t already seen this show, stop reading this post now and watch an episode online. This series is filled with hilarious female comedians (with a few male comedians thrown in to give a guy’s perspective) giving commentary on different topics women face daily. From manicures, to getting tattoos, to dating etiquette, their tips are hysterical and truly on point. Every episode I find myself constantly cracking up and/or nodding in agreement to their personal anecdotes and blunt advice. One of my favorite segments on the show is #ICant when one member of the cast gives a little blurb on a topic she just can’t. For example, girls flipping their hair into Nicole Byer’s face. Whenever I see these segments I cannot help but think of my own #ICant moments…


1. Lipglosss – Okay, so I have never really understood lipgloss. It constantly gets stuck in your hair. It makes you look like you’ve eaten some slimy red goo and it does not taste good…like at all. So what is the point? I know, I know, I work at a beauty company and lipgloss is a key component of the beauty industry. However,  as someone who’s long hair is constantly in her face, I cannot handle adding lipgloss into that equation. Whats the point? Lipsticks are perfection, they are colorful and don’t cause my hair stick to my face. That’s a win in my book. For me, lipstick > than lipgloss everytime.

2. Characters in Time Square – As the kid who ran away  screaming from the massive Easter Bunny character bouncing around on Easter Sunday, I have never been a huge fan of characters in costumes. Only in Disney world is it acceptable for massive characters to walk around and interact with people. Plus, I can see the faces of the Disney princesses so they don’t scare me nearly as much. Those characters in Time Square though freak me out. I do not like them, they make me nervous, and basically #ICant.

3. People who don’t hold the door open for the person behind them/someone holding a package – Now this is not about chivalry, because both men and women can and should hold the door open for people with their hands full. It is common courtesy. Working in NYC, it is unsurprising that people are rude or in a rush, that’s city life for you. However, whenever you see someone who is struggling to walk out of Starbucks because they clearly ordered coffee for the whole office, hold the door open for them! Let’s all just be a little kinder and hold the door.

4. People eating very smelly food on the train/plane etc. – This is something that never ceases to surprise me. When you are traveling and are crammed into a small space with lots of other people the last thing you want to add to the equation is exceptionally smelly food. I understand that people got to eat, (trust me, I eat a snack pretty much every half hour), but try to be considerate of others and order food or bring food that is not going to make the people around you nauseous from the overpowering smell.

 I assure you there are probably a few more #ICants that have crossed my mind but these were ones that I absolutely had to include! What are some of your #ICant moments?


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