Wordy Wednesday – Arrow

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I apologize for the delay in posts this week! I started feeling those early signs of sickness a few days ago and have been focused on sleeping and drinking lots tea instead of blogging. However, I could not miss my favorite post of the week! This week’s Wordy Wednesday quote is one that I came across a few months back, but only recently saw again while scrolling through Instagram.

When I think back on some of my biggest accomplishments, often times they came just after some very low moments. For example, reading my acceptance letter to Bucknell University was an incredible day for me. However, that accomplishment came a few weeks after discovering that I had been deferred by an early action application for another school. This was a school I had thought was could be my perfect fit, and to be honest I was really knocked down when I opened that tiny envelope. After receiving that deferred response I was forced to pull myself back up and focus on my other options, resulting in my ultimate decision to apply Early Decision II to Bucknell. A decision that I do not regret for a moment, and instead one that I am incredibly thankful for on a daily basis. That low moment was simply redirecting me towards an even brighter future.

Another example was when I was offered an internship. It was a wonderful opportunity, but in a department that I had absolutely no interest in. I was really upset that I had not been considered for my first choice and could not figure out why I was slated for this other option. I debated for a week over whether or not to take the opportunity. Luckily, I am surrounded by supportive friends and family who knocked some sense into me and I accepted the offer. I decided to go with the “alright, let’s see what happens” mindset. It was not until a few days into this internship that I realize that it truly was the perfect fit for me. I had incredible bosses and my skills fit right into the role that they were hoping to fill.

The most recent example of life’s difficulties I have experienced before a great opportunity was only a little over a month ago. The weekend before I was contacted for an interview for my current (amazing!) job, was while I had reached one of my lowest points in the job search process. Over the spring and throughout the summer I had applied to close to 200 jobs and was starting to really lose my patience. I was exhausted from the rejection and the constant unknown of my future. I am very type A, so initially not having any set plans was great…but that didn’t last. By the beginning of September, I was feeling very discouraged. Only a few days before HR contacted me, I was honestly just lying in bed watching TV all day because I could not keep spending hours applying to jobs without any response. I was allowing myself to get caught up in my emotions and not seeing the bigger picture. Again, life surprised me by pulling me out of those low moments, into a very exciting new adventure.

I know that these examples may not seem like huge difficulties, and in the grand scheme of things they really are not a big deal. However, these were important milestones in my life, and they each occurred after I was feeling down on myself. It honestly makes me believe that in those darker moments, life was simply preparing me for the wonderful new experiences to come. I think it is important to keep perspective when things do not go your way. Life may just be taking you on a route that you can’t quite see yet. And in those dark moments try to cut yourself some slack! I know that I am the hardest on myself, so sometimes the most difficult part is just to get myself out of that mindset.

I hope that if life has been discouraging or a constant string of frustrations lately, you keep the arrow in mind. Try to maintain perspective, and have a little faith that something great is right around the corner. Don’t lose hope or your inner drive, and try to give yourself a moment to breathe and refocus. Life may seemingly be pulling you backwards, but more likely than not it is planning to launch you into an even more exciting future than you can imagine!


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