Wordy Wednesday – Sunrise


So technically this is not a “famous” quote…but in my world Modern Family is a TV staple, so it had to be included in Wordy Wednesday! Lately, I have found that this quote directly coincides with my crazy schedule. Every single morning I wake up at 6am to catch a 7am train to NYC. To preface, commuting is not easy. Door to door it takes about two hours each way to get to and from my office. However, there is one perk to these long hours spent making my way from one place to the other…watching the sunrise. Walking through the parking lot as the sky lights up has quickly become a highlight of my day. This morning it was a sky filled with light pinks and dark blue lines. It was absolutely breathtaking. I have taken countless photos, while other commuters walk by with strange looks on their face, trying to capture the amazing colors. However, it has been made painfully clear that no photo will do the sky its due justice, but hey I tried!

Now, back to Phil Dunphy. I think he was on to something when he added this tip to his “Phil’s osophys” collection for Haley. Even though commuting can be incredibly tiresome, watching the sunrise each and every morning puts everything into perspective. Those frustrations that build up from running late or exhaustion from not getting enough sleep instantly disappear when I watch the sunrise. These large beautiful acts of nature are simple reminders for how big the world is, and how little my problems truly are. Sunrises have a way of putting everything into perspective. I think that it is important to take a step back, breathe, and remember that somehow things always have a way of working out. I think Phil Dunphy was on to something with this tip. Clearly it is comical, but there is truly a stroke of genius in his advice.

Although waking up early is not for everyone, I challenge you to wake up in time to catch the sunrise once this week. You may just see the benefits of an early wake up call. Even if it is only for a few minutes that is truly all it takes. So try taking a tip from Phil Dunphy and watch a sunrise at least once a day!


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