Wordy Wednesday – Luck


This week’s Wordy Wednesday quote comes from a Real Simple Daily Thought last week that I loved. (Side note: If you do not already receive Real Simple Daily Thought emails…change that now! You’ll thank me later!) Instantly when I read this quote I couldn’t help but think that it applies directly to how I approach my life.

I believe in luck, but I also believe in the value of hard work. One does not happen without the other. If you simply believe in luck, you may become complacent and believe that everything you want will just fall out of the sky. When it comes to relying on luck and destiny all I can think of is Blair Waldorf’s response to the concept.


On the opposite side of luck is hard work. Life is filled with challenges and dreams that require effort to be achieved. It is much easier to sit back and wait for those breaks to come your way, but chances are you will be waiting a very long time. Hard work is incredibly rewarding but some things in life can never be planned or explained, they just happen. The combination is where the balance lies. I think it that it is important to work for what you want and to keep focusing your energy towards those goals. Life is filled with wonderful strokes of luck, but between those moments we have to fill the gaps with our drive.

At the end of the day, what you want will not just fall out of the sky. You have to work for it! However, that is not to overlook the importance of those wonderful strokes of luck. In order to make the most of those moments, we must take a note from Julie Andrews, and work hard to be worthy of that luck. Hard work & a little luck is the only way we will one day reach our goals.


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