Today is the day…Gilmore Girls is on Netflix!


In honor of the fact that today is the arrival of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, I thought I would reflect on the 20 lessons I learned from this amazing show. I have watched Gilmore Girls from the very beginning. I distinctly remember watching the first episode and asking myself, “Wait what channel is this? What time? Okay got it!” Every day after I sat down in my family room at 5pm to watch the latest episode. This show was so much more than a story of teenage pregnancy and single motherhood. It was a cast filled with strong, witty, intelligent, and relatable characters who we all secretly wished we could be. I was so inspired by Lorelai’s independence and her constant strength and sense of self. I also loved the quick jokes and endless references that Lorelai and Rory made, hoping that one day I too could be that witty. I could honestly go on and on about why I love this show, but the wonderfulness that is Gilmore Girls is better experienced than explained.

1. Coffee is EVERYTHING

2. Love = Awkward conversations and moronic words

3. Sometimes we all need a little push in life


4. Important decisions can always be made with a pro/con list

proconlist5. If you are going to date a bad boy…he better have a nice ride

9bbb7ad0-bb5c-0131-649f-02325af138f16. Carpe Diem

7. Murphy’s Law rears its head in the strangest of ways


8. Only true book lovers know & appreciate that wonderful library book scent

9. A healthy diet is important

10. Heartbreak needs wallowing time

11. Love doesn’t always make sense

12. The best friendships are based on mutual hate for the same things

13. You can’t please everyone, so you might as well find it funny

14. Some days people are just plain stupid

15. Being a lady is tough

16. Sometimes you’ve just got to deviled egg a car



17. The importance of books vs. looks

18. Winking is always awkward…even if you are Lorelai Gilmore

19. Flexibility is important


20.  Sometimes you just need your mom



 At the end of the day, there is nothing that compares to a mother/daughter relationship


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