What’s In My Interview Bag?

Even though today marks my second day at my new job, I thought I would reflect on the importance of interview essentials. This summer I went on countless interviews, keeping my fingers crossed that the employer saw something in me that they just knew they needed on their team. With a variety of interviews over the course of a few weeks, I quickly determined the interview tote necessities. So I figured I would share my essentials with all of you! Plus, who doesn’t love a great “What’s In My Bag” blog post?

Career Tote BagKate Spade Tote

I am in love with my Kate Spade tote bag. It is the perfect size to hold all of my interview essentials and also maintains a corporate impression.

Portfolio & PenSimilar

It is very important to have a portfolio to hold your resumes and a pad of paper. As a recent college graduate you want to come off as professional from the moment you walk in the door, and a portfolio will help you to achieve that professionalism. Remember to print your resume out onto resume paper, and to have at least 5 copies on hand. Bring a pen to jot down notes in between interviews or right after you leave the office. This will help you to remember the points you want to make in your thank you notes.


Pretty self explanatory, but don’t forget your wallet! I love that my wallet is a bright color, making it easy to find whenever I need it.

BookThe Language of Flowers

Commuting into the city allows for a good amount of time to kill. I always pack a book to pass the time, plus it is a great way to calm your nerves before an interview! If you need book suggestions check out My Summer Reading List.

Back Up Charger Similar & Similar

I cannot recommend a back up charger enough! As someone who commutes, having a back up charger is crucial. An Iphone can only hold so much power. Instead of worrying about conserving your battery power, buy a back up charger!

Emergency Kit Similar

The green bag in the photo holds all those random things we could possibly need. It includes bobby pins, band aids, safety pins, tampons, Tylenol, and a few other necessities.

Heels & Walking Shoes Similar & Similar

Since commuting requires a LOT of walking, I always pack my heels and wear slip on sneakers. It saves my feet from painful blisters and I can walk a whole lot faster in sneakers than in my favorite heels.

Snacks & WaterKIND Snacks

This is something my family and friends make fun of me for, but I always have a snack in my bags. I get hungry constantly, and there is nothing worse than feeling lightheaded and tired before an important interview. Make sure to pack a few granola bars or other small snacks along with a bottle of water just in case.

Metro Card/Bus Pass/Train Ticket etc.

Make sure to bring any important public transportation passes you will need to get to your interview. Buying these passes in advance will help you to save time, rather than waiting on a long line the day of your interview.


Again, pretty self explanatory but it is always nice to listen to some music while you are traveling to your interview or killing time.

Sunglasses & UmbrellaShades & Similar Umbrella

The weather can be pretty unpredictable, especially in big cities, so pack accordingly!

Gum & Chapstick eos

Similar to any other purse you have, don’t forget to include a pack of gum and your favorite chapstick!


I hope my essentials help you pack your own bag before an important interview! What do you include in your interview tote?


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