Leap of Faith

Today feels like the first day of school. I have my clothes laid out and my bag is all packed and ready to go. I could hardly sleep last night and I was awake much earlier than my alarm clock went off. Today is the first day of my first full time job. I will be traveling into New York City by train and then a quick subway ride to my new office. I am nervous, but I think that is what makes it all the more exciting. I know that I am bound to make mistakes and no doubt embarrass myself at some point, but hey I’m the newbie! Since this is my next big adventure, I thought I would share my last huge leap of faith.

Over a year ago I was in Sydney, Australia studying abroad. It was the most exciting and terrifying adventure of my life, and honestly most new beginnings pale in comparison to the nerves I felt before that 14 hour flight. Throughout that whirlwind of a semester in a new country surrounded by a new culture I went on some pretty amazing adventures. One of the most memorable moments that tested my nerves the most was right before I jumped off a 50 meter/164 feet platform with only bungee cords to protect me. So here it is, my biggest leap of faith to date!

After something as crazy as this jump, I know that I can handle anything. I am nervous about my first day on the job but I think that adds to the excitement. Even though these nerves are flowing through my body, this is a moment in time that I know I will look back on and smile. Today’s leap of faith marks the beginning of my next adventure, and I have to say, I think I am ready to take the plunge.


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