Wordy Wednesday – Success

estee lauder quote

I came across this quote a few weeks ago and I found that it was just the motivation I needed. I am not going to lie; being unemployed right after graduating from college was pretty great…at first. You get to travel, sleep in, and just relax. However, this honeymoon period does not last and quickly it reverts back to the stress of finding a job. This is an arduous process that at many moments seems never ending. I spent most of my time over the last few weeks and months applying for job after job. Rejection is never an easy thing to deal with, however I knew that with every rejection I received, I was getting one step closer to my dream job. Since I started my job search process I have applied to over 150 jobs. Now you are probably in shock. I hate to burst your bubble but this is pretty normal for those of us who were not as lucky to have a job lined up after college. I knew even before I graduated that finding a job would take a lot of time and energy. From writing cover letters to going into an office for interviews, finding a job is truly a job in itself. There were weeks this summer that went great, several interviews and reassuring responses from prospective employers. There was also weeks that were not so great, long hours filled with job applications that received no response. The biggest lesson that finding a job will ever teach you is perseverance.

I love this quote because it gets right to the point. You will not achieve success simply by wishing for your dream job or hoping that it miraculously comes about. Instead you have to work for it. This is a reminder that I have kept with me, even through those frustrating days where nothing was going right. I hope that if you are feeling frustrated or need a little pep talk, you take this quote with you. Success is never easy, it takes long hours and lots of hard work, ideas that we are familiar with but often feel too overwhelmed or upset to deal with right away. For those of you post grads that are still on the job hunt, do not worry, I believe in you! This is not an easy process, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.

I am so sure that you will find that perfect fit because…I recently found mine! I am so excited to take the first step into the next chapter of my life. Although I will soon be a working girl, I am taking steps to keep All Shook Up from faltering. I will continue to fill this littler corner of the internet with my thoughts and very likely the many embarrassing moments I face in my new transitions. I hope that this week’s Wordy Wednesday quote keeps you inspired to work hard towards your own goals. They are very likely not as far off as you may think!


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