Scrumptious Fall Scents

Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful and intricately entwined with our memories. We all know that moment when we smell something familiar and it immediately brings us back to a happy memory. In recent years I started using scented candles (even though technically they weren’t allowed in my dorm rooms…oops!) My favorite was a peach mango salsa smell, which has since become one of my go to choices. However, since autumn is my favorite season (partly because of all its wonderful fragrances!) I thought I would highlight the delicious new additions to Yankee Candle this fall.

These 7 new options are Pumpkin Ginger Bark, Apple Spice, Cranberry Pear, Bay Leaf Wreath, Berrylicious, Chocolate Layer Cake, and Silver Birch. I am having a hard time deciding between the Chocolate Layer Cake and Apple Spice candles. When in doubt…get both, right? If you are ready to embrace the upcoming chilly weather, test out these delicious new candles, you won’t be disappointed!


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