Recruitment Tips from a Sorority Girl: Part 2

Earlier this week I wrote a post about helpful tips for potential new members (PNMs) going through recruitment! Part 2, however, is all about sorority members! There are tons of articles out there that provide advice to PNMs, but very few for the women who are jumping up and down and singing their lungs out. Although every sorority has different ways of handling recruitment, I have found these tips to be helpful across the board. So here are my top pieces of advice for sorority women during the crazy week of recruitment!


Tips for Sorority Women

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee

Keep your caffeine levels up because recruitment is a very long process. You never want to make a PNM feel slighted because you are tired and it is the last round of the day. Make sure to keep caffeine or sugary treats nearby for a quick pick me up in between rounds. My tried and true choices are a large iced coffee and plenty of swedish fish and peach rings.

2. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Instead of asking the same old questions, try to keep things interesting! Come up with a few funny/random questions in advance and pull them out when a conversation lulls or if you want to help a PNM come out of her shell. Asking a PNM if she were a candy what candy would she be is not only really fun but also memorable for both of you!

3. Use your breaks wisely

In between rounds you only have a matter of minutes before the next group comes through the door. Instead of talking with your sisters about the PNM you met who you know will be your future little, use this time wisely. Take a bathroom break, grab a snack, drink some water, make sure to give yourself a minute to breathe before you have to start singing again! Those few minutes go by fast, so make sure they count!

4.  The most beautiful word…

One of the best pieces of advice that I received during my junior year of recruitment was from our president at the time. Before the first round of the day she told us that the most beautiful sounding word in the world to a person is hearing their own name. Now, I know this sounds incredibly narcissistic, but bear with me. Whenever you meet a PNM remember their name and make sure to use it throughout the conversation. This will help their name/face stick in your mind but it also creates a connection between you two. Also, when they leave at the end of the round say “Goodbye Allison.” This reinforces a connection with a PNM, plus who doesn’t feel special when they hear their name?

5. Let it go

Recruitment is a lengthy process filled with many late nights. A room full of sorority girls voting for hours on end can lead to lots of frustration and hurt feelings. Voting can be difficult and disagreeing with your sisters is never fun. However, remember that this process always has a funny way of working out. Ultimately you must trust your sisters. It is okay to be upset if a girl you really wanted to be your new sister was not extended a bid, but nothing is stopping you two from being friends! I think it is important to remember that even if things do not go as you would like, this does not limit your connection to certain PNMs after the week is over. Sometimes the hype of recruitment can be overwhelming, so try to remember that it is just a week, and not the end of the world if things do not go exactly as you planned.

Recruitment is a tiring process but it is a great time to bond with your sisters after the summer apart. I hope these tips help you get through the crazy, fun, exhausting, and ridiculous week that is sorority recruitment!


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